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    Party Themes

    yer the party theme implies the dress not the music
  2. if you guys get Burn and James, im gonna have an even bigger strop about not being able to go . Have fun, shame that by the time im no longer a student and i have time to go to these events, there may not be any more torchwood...... As for Hubs i just don't know. Hopefully,..hmm maybe i can go to Hub 10 hahaha
  3. jenzo66

    Party Themes

    99% i can't go, but what i do know is that with regards to party themes they can't really decide on them until they pretty much know all the guests coming because they ought to relate to the guests. If say you get Louise Delamere( Diane from Out of Time) There should be a 50s party, might be good to see everyone in authentic 50s clothing. Would look really good, and it is easier to know what to wear, an obvious theme. f you live in Cardiff there is a lovely little shop that sells traditional clothes, proper 50s and not too expensive. If i were able to go id love a party like this or the 40s. All the guys in military....mmmmm and all the gals in beautiful old dresses hair all done up, would be great.
  4. i wd like 2 meet him, bt seeing as Hub 6 looks to be a miss, i will try to see him at Wales Comic Con April 24th if possible. It may be a Sunday but it's during my uni Easter holidays, plus Blue Gillespie will be at the after party as well as Gareth (obviously) and Kai being there as they usually are. Im wondering if Gareth would sign my photo i took of him at the hub 5 blue gillespie gig??!! (not stalking just a fan) hehe
  5. my birthday's 19th May and I would be turning 20. Sucks to hell i can't go
  6. ok here are mine, bare in mind they are photos of photos.Hope you like em That one was taken with my friend cos ive already had my photo taken individually with him at Hub 3. i didn't know he was pulling that face haha , funny photo happy i was wearing grey, i think it worked well since Kai was also wearing grey as they are photos of photos, quality isn't great here, but it's the best i can do.
  7. but this is going to affect a fair number of people, not me alone, and it's not like we can go to this in the middle of exams, theres no way we can revise during the Hub, it's simply too much fun for there to be any time to do so. I simply have to hope i won't have an exam after that weekend
  8. If i can go to the HUb 6, chances are slim as a student, or Hub 7, again slim as i will be in Germany for my year abroad, I request Ben Foster be invited. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Torchwood music and he would be my top non actor meet. If you agree with me, let SM and ME know by continuing this thread.
  9. jenzo66

    Show Opinions

    absolutely loved it. Great thing to do the weekend before lectures start and hard work begins. Shame about Indira but that didn't stop this Hub a rockin! Managed to get the intimate encounters with both Simon and Murray. Simon hadn't seen Children of Earth SHOCK HORROR and Murray had a lot of stories to tell and he does have a perhaps surprising sense of humour. Gareth back again and was gr8 as per usual as well as Kai, and i felt the guests were with us more than Hub 3 (i wasn't at Hub 4 cos of Uni) as in at the parties. They didn't mind talking to us, Kai was buying everyone drinks. I was just immensly happy ive gotten over the shaky fangirl stage, where i couldn't talk to the guests without sqeeing or getting a bit jumpy.Managed to talk to them much more. Blue Gillespie, no i wouldn't listen on my MP3, not my kind of music, but LIVE.... OH FRICKIN YER!!!!!! i was right at the front too, it just felt amazing to be so close to the lead singer who was also the funniest Torchwood character. Was fun going into the freak show with Kai,,,haha he did not like it at all. Great fun though. The commentary of the cyberwoman episode was just hilarious with Gareth and Caroline (Caroline hadn't seen it) SHOCK HORROR again. Thanks to Showmasters and Massive events for a great show. And thanks to the Photographers, got some amazing pictures which i will treasure for life.
  10. clearly they don't expect students at this event. ffs exams! Uni! If i go it's cos i got lucky and didn't have an exam. I know they can only get what they get really considering they try to put on a show every 2 weeks but still. I think i need a miracle
  11. So if I see you, do I just go, 'AMAGAWD TWOODIEGAL' ? XD if u want, but my real name is Jennifer Are you copying me? > Orange bobble hat... got it. Haha, nope, that it definately my name. Two Jennifer's yay. Although u can't call me Jenny, that i don't like ahhhh really excited now
  12. So if I see you, do I just go, 'AMAGAWD TWOODIEGAL' ? XD if u want, but my real name is Jennifer
  13. im taking my cardiff hoodie, may wear it if it's cold enough, It's bright blue as in Cardiff Uni, but the hoodie's in welsh so it says: Prifysgol Caerdydd
  14. see you all soon, me be very short 19 yr old girl, long mousy brown wavey hair =)
  15. WANT! oo one phrase i like is : BORED! please do that one :) oo and BUT IT'S THE SOLAR SYSTEM but yer we need sherlock Ts to be on sale somewhere, cos it's too expensive to design your own on websites nd stuff.
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