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  1. It was a lot busier than when I was there in 2008! You could barely get a seat at the red dwarf talk! Good for being busy, bad coz I couldn't hear a word I was so far away!
  2. Will this be updates to reflect the cancellations. I just need to know if the red dwarf talk will still be at the same time?
  3. but as for famous... All of mine are more music related but I guess this lady trancends both... Jada Pinkett Smith Met her at Download 2006 where she was getting her metal on. Big Willy was there too, but unfortunately I did not get to meet my hero so his wife was the next best thing.
  4. Where was this at? Cineworld in Dublin, there were maybe 20 people hanging around to meet the folks. No one knew who Edgar Wright was so I got to chat to him about Ant-Man. I am well frakking jealous. I have a major crush on Michael Cera! Does anyone know if the publicity trail is coming to Glasgow? If it's already been don't tell me, I'll cry!!
  5. Dont they have a Collectormania in Glasgow? Think of poor old Wales, we get nothing! Oh yeah! lol. What I really meant was Bring me Sam Merlotte!!
  6. Aww I loved Sleepwalkers, she bones her son it's very weird. Mark Hamill is in it for about 30 seconds too, not even credited! Also lover her in Silent Hill, I'll have to get the DVD back off my mate to get it signed!
  7. If it was somewhere with an airport I'd be there in a flash. As it is it's just too expensive and time consuming (3 changes) to get there by train Is there a reason behind having cons in Northampton, it seems a bit random? Bring on some Glasgow cons!
  8. I really wanted to come to this but a) I'm broke due to a MOT and nobody wanted to come with, stoop friends! Hope it's a great success though, so maybe I can go next year!
  9. Oh what I wouldn't give to go to that! Staaaaaaaath *drools*
  10. Sounds like a pretty lame turnout then. It's in leicester square at 1:30pm
  11. This might be a stupid question... but any chance of getting some of the talent in on the Saturday for signage? no? Zero? Just a thought.
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