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    Cosplay Contact!

  2. Leadmill

    What did you buy at the stalls?

    Walking Dead comic/tv companion book. Bargain for £10.
  3. Leadmill

    Did you go in costume?

    That was me :)
  4. Leadmill

    Best Costumes

    The John Snow on the Saturday and Khalessi Dani on the Sunday!
  5. Leadmill

    Did you go in costume?

    I went as Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead tv series, was a fun project to make and wear.
  6. Leadmill

    pictures of cosplay

    Seeing some Dead Island cosplay made my day. Never see it done tbh
  7. Leadmill

    Who stood out ?

    There were like 8 Doctors there, was it a pre planned thing or is David Tennant really popular?
  8. Leadmill

    What was the worst thing you heard all weekend

    I had some woman talk to me for about 20 mins after the masquerade detailing how amazing her little boy was, I was not even sure why? All my attempts to politely excuse myself were ignored. If ever I have seen someone try and live vicariously through their offspring, this was it!
  9. Leadmill

    Steampunk & Goth zones.. what happened?!

    Well i've been steampunking for a little while now and I don't mind helping out if they want to try and do something like this again.
  10. Leadmill

    Who stood out ?

    There wasn't as much cosplay as I had expected. I'm guessing most were focusing on the International Ball in Clapham later on the Sunday evening.
  11. Leadmill

    Thank you to SM and crew for all your hard work

    Big thanks to those running the cosplay desk and events. You did a brilliant job!
  12. Leadmill

    Who stood out ?

    The Anakin Skywalker on the Sunday was epic win!
  13. Leadmill

    Steampunk & Goth zones.. what happened?!

    Thank you :) I think there was a Steampunk talk in the same area the cosplay masq and comedy stuff was held on the saturday. When I saw the chap himself he was walking around I think.
  14. Leadmill

    Steampunk & Goth zones.. what happened?!

    I was Steampunking with my Firefighter on the Sunday and the chap who was organising it came up and had a chat, and mentioned a lack of interest this time around. He says he's going to stick at it though as interest in the genre is growing. Rome wasn't built in a day :)
  15. Leadmill


    Mate and myself are travelling down from up North for the weekend and was wondering what there is to do in the evenings? Is there any kind of organised event or does everyone kind of do there own thing?