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  1. Id give my left arm to meet Sebastian Stan Antony Mackie Dominic cooper Clark Greg and Evan Peters..... Please Showmasters make the dream come true loool
  2. dsfsdfsdfsdfsfsd please please x infinitely, consider colin o'donoghue for this........i think wild horses wouldnt keep me away from captain sexypants ;-) hehehe........ also- i HIGHLY< surgest- - jamie dornan, - julian morris, -ralph stabarge, - sarah bogler, - sinqa walls, - david anders!!, - giancarlo esposito, and (pipe dream i know!) one and only stebastian stan for grimm- well who doesnt want silas ;-) and im quite attached to renard so sasha roiz ;-) and reggie lee is epic too he could be a great guest, been in loads of things and you couldnt have monroe without rosalee (bree turner soo many choices loool x
  3. thankyou SM sooos soooooo happy, too of my fave shows, and i never imaged anyone would do a con for them ill soo be buying a ticket
  4. oh god i think i just died................ AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i love him in TSC if your looking for more guests, please consider more TSC guests SM, pleaseeeeeeeeeee........... and thankyou so much
  5. omg yesssssss :DD so excited, love him on TB and hes exellent on AHS too fab news
  6. so looking forward to seeing holly and now brian at LFCC was just wondering, any chance of a holly/brian double photo shoot?, and a charmed talk? just putting that out there thanks again SM cant wait for LFCC
  7. id like to see any youve had before.........esp joe, marshall, sam and jim parrack ;-))) *wishful thinknig * or- TOP 5 WANTS FOREVER!!!= deborah ann woll, JAMES FRAIN *I NEED TO MEET THIS MAN XD * fiona shaw, michael mcmillian, Kevin Alejandro. other that would get a HELL YER BABY from me= allan hyde *forever!!!* Michael Raymond-James, denis o'hare, chris bauer, nelson ellis, runia wesley, ryan kwanten, todd lowe *we need a double of him and chris XD * carrie preston, tara buck, jessica tuck, rachel evan wood and michelle forbes. im full on determind to get next time
  8. sarahjbirkin

    bitten 3

    i no its to early to ask, and it probably is impossible........ but would you consider bringing back joe and marshall for bitten3?........ i am dying to meee them and couldnt make it id litterally do and pay anything if you consider it pleeeeeeeeeeease your the best, and im sorry to bug already, i just couldnt help asking i was so guttedand all, you no.........
  9. i think if elijah went i would be hard pressed to say no XD i think after seeing his new show Wilfred, ive fallen for those beautiful blues again lol
  10. anyone still thinking of going to Bitten2 and hasnt got a ticket or room, ive booked a room and im on my own...... but feel free to let me no if you want the space! :)
  11. i voted ian, candice and other here............. because theres a significant person id love, and if you got id love you forever for............. Taylor Kinney AKA MASON!!!!! TEAM MASON <33333333333333333 *that is all * pleeeeassseeeeee *puppy eyes*
  12. mine came today im Silver 57 :-D
  13. in IN im so donating - itll only be like 5/10pounds *wish is shameful considering * but i want to do something so there i is, i know its not much but everything help right
  14. sarahjbirkin

    New Guest

    have to say i agree with ragamuffin here :/
  15. for me- 1. eric 2. godric 3. alcide 4. laff 5. jessica 6. and i agree about a cetain persons brother and if not< jim and sam whould be nice too, as i missed this year and there faves too! any of them< and im defiantely sold for next years
  16. oh i thought they were XD sorry jola XD lol ok then
  17. i was just wanting to see if any SM person could say if there going to be selling extra photo ops online or just at the event now, since its so close :)
  18. thats fair enough lol XD
  19. no love for jason? this saddens me :-(
  20. yer they were both awesome all weekend! i cant gush any more XD oooooh Jola *grins like a chesire cat* jola hehehe awwwwww id be over the moon if you could get jason
  21. i was wanting to put this out there to SM...... if you couldnt get Louden Swain to come, what about Jason Manns??>>>> hes always up for coming< and hes such a great person and singer also if you could ask along his mate to sing to< Emad Alaeddin, who everyone should hear..... as hes so talented too! there both always up for coming if they can< so pleaseeeeee SM
  22. aj has said he'd love to do cons< come on SM please show him the love and bring him (and travis over ) please
  23. how meny do we usually get at these things?....... as i havent been to a sm con< was just wondering how meny you usually have at thse things? lol
  24. hay, i was wondering............ i no no one can probably say< but is there going to be any more guests added at all????
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