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  1. Have Showmasters any plans to update dealers and the public attendees whether any of their imminent events are likely to be postponed? As of today many events countrywide have been postponed including small events at The Cinema Museum, all football matches etc and the government planning t obring in bans of events over 500 people
  2. Thank you for your helpful reply.
  3. Will the Coronavirus have an effect on the shows with a UK pandemic imminent? The government has been talking about closing down large events and quarantining areas if any clusters appears locally. Any comments welcome.
  4. as a dealer no one came round with forms or info for next years show. Also there were no flyers so who knows. Maybe 2019 tenancy issues
  5. It is sad but there are still many great names and celebrities attending. After the autograph purchases, you always have a wide range of dealers to buy the latest collectables and merchandise from throughout the Olympia complex !
  6. So do I ,especially as the dealers will lose out on sales, who are the very backbone of these shows and give much financial support to Showmasters by purchasing stand space. I feel the visitor/buyer numbers will be well down to this spring show.
  7. It really is poor with hardly anyone of note left to attract customers to the show. As a dealer I have grave doubts this event will be anything like worthwhile now. I appreciate guests do cancel on occasion but looking at the list it is pitifully small and many visitors will probably give this show a miss now due to lack of any real star pulling power. A real shame all round......
  8. Have any arrangements been made to advise discounted hotel costs in central Brighton for this show? Brighton is pricey all round and virtually impossible to park in if one is travelling by car...
  9. I dont see this show listed anymore on the current newsletter to dealers. Is it going ahead or not?
  10. is there a list of dealers/traders available?
  11. Any sign of these plans appearing today ? I can imagine it will be a difficult job juggling 6 halls of events.....
  12. I amongst others will be selling these titles in the hall. With many dealers exhibiting you will need to source out the specialist dealers selling blu rays. Watch out that The Strain is region free though as the studios in the USA sometimes code their blu rays region A. Just a heads up for you....
  13. there will be a dealer or two selling this at the show I am sure. As a dealer myself I saw at least 6 dealers selling blu rays and DVDs last LFCC
  14. I live nearby and can advise those attending that there is NO district line between Earls Court and Enbankment for planned engineering works but as far as I can see the Olympia and Earls Court service is running....
  15. Looking at The Olympia website I remember now The LFCC has been to The Grand Hall before. Wonderful picture can be seen under floorplans!
  16. interesting..... I would hope the show attractions and dealers area will be in the main hall and upstairs for the signings maybe?
  17. Thank you for your kindness. I was referring to aisle space and the expected crowds. As a dealer last year at Earls Court I remember how busy it was and I know The Grand Hall has plenty of light,space, and ambience, and would suit the show admirably in view of the expected number of visitors attending, the many guest signings, and multiple show attractions. Possibly the organisers are testing out The National Hall with a view to transferring it to the larger hall in the future should it turn not to be big enough to house such a show. Equally The National Hall may well suit this type of event but we shall see.......
  18. Hopefully we will be in the Grand Hall bearing in mind the LFCC is sold out now to ticket buyers on both Saturday and Sunday and this will undoutably be an extremely busy event. .. Olympia is a superb venue for LFCC and the Grand Hall would do full justice to the show. Await the answers and layout of course on Monday in this busy time for Showmasters.....
  19. is this going to cause massive traffic chaos for those driving up from the south to stay in Glasgow city Centre? We are staying in the City Centre at a hotel near the Botanical Gardens?
  20. TV and Film Memorabilia will be having dealers tables there selling a huge range of Dr Who merchandise including all the latest Character options stuff and other collectables and Dr Who retro gift sets from the USA.... Also I will be selling a large range of classic TV and film DVDS and The new Hammer Horror book from Hemlock Books HAMMER SCIFI AND FANTASY. and a large range of film and TV Magazines.... See you all there.... Bruce Campbell TV and Film Memorabilia
  21. i am away on a 4 day holiday break now but to answer your queries I believe if you purchase a book he will sign other items. There is no queue system in place I am sure you will not have to wait for long. I am sure he will be happy to have photos taken etc. Any queries contact neil palmer on the stand have a great time !
  22. As you can imagine, this is exciting for many of us. I'm travelling all the way from Belgium and hope to meet this legend as well. Is there a limit to the amount of autographs? I would like two or three maybe. And do you know the cost? Thanks! I don't belive so .... But please check with staff on stand but you have to buy one of the books... prices at fair are around 25 each title I believe have a great day out ! Remember to get there promptly as I think he will probably finish around lunchtime thanks
  23. I am sure he will sign one other item provided you buy a book ! Check with a member of staff on the stand thank you
  24. I can advise that Ray is hoping to be on The Cinema Store stand for at least the morning from 10am. He is greatly looking forward to the event. From Bruce Campbell The Cinema Store
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