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  1. I might be wrong with this answer but there was another group that unfortunately went bust after one show that were using on the spot printers. I'm guessing that maybe SM were able to buy them off them fairly cheaply and then it went from there. The on the spot printers more or less made their debut with SM on its first show after the other company went belly up. The printers were actually in use/being tested at a few SM shows before moving into mainstream use. Before the show you are referring to if my dates are correct.
  2. You will receive a letter in the post a couple of weeks prior to the event. Take this to the registration desk at the event and collect your pass etc.
  3. Last time I saw him mention it, that is question that Jason wanted an answer to as well lol
  4. Probably more likely to see Harrison at an event. Jason has posted in the past that Tony does not want to attend an SM event. As for the history between Kenny and Tony, I suspect that one may be willing if only for the fans but the other less willing.
  5. I assume you mean VT's. Virtual tickets are called in batches 1-30, 1-60 etc You can join a queue anytime after your VT number has been called.
  6. They are busy sending out the orders currently. Once that is done they will move on to answering emails.
  7. Officially if there is a retake then after the attendee has decided which to keep, the other gets destroyed.
  8. The early photo shoot session on Saturday did happen.
  9. Regarding Trek. Events like that are normally only crewed by long term most experienced crew, like Massive Events Crew. If applications are required then I imagine it will be done in a similar method to LFCC etc, via emailed applications.
  10. See here http://showmastersonline.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=85514#entry1878366
  11. I have just had a look and the reason is it was effectively breaking the no advertising rule.
  12. Not the head of security as far as I'm aware. Going by your description.
  13. That is down to the venue not event organisers. That is the most stupidest thing I have read in this thread. Just because the venue had the fire exits chained up then SM take no responsibility? They were hiring the damn venue, fire escapes and health & safety should have been their NUMBER 1 priority. So if we want to ask SM why the fire escapes were chained up then we should be able to ask them and they SHOULD be able to answer because they SHOULD have asked the same damn questions to the venue managers. As I said, the most stupidest thing said in this thread so far. As I mentioned in an earlier post I was merely saying that any locking of fire doors would have be done by Earls Court and not SM.
  14. But if members of this forum want an indepth disscusion on forum moderation(and it seems like they do) then why don't you just let them? its not really for you to "encourage" what members want to talk about is it? that in essence is what a forum is for, for the members with a shared interest to talk about what they want. The mods on here can dance around as much as you want talking about "Swearing" and "arguments" but you have been instructed to remove posts that don't show SM and its events in a wholely positive light, however slight, that is the 100% truth,end of. The truth 'end of' is that I haven't removed a single post on here on the weekend, and I'd very much appreciate not being told what I've been instructed to do on here or anywhere else. I don't do the Facebook, I haven't removed anything on here, but whether you believe it or not is another thing.I on the other hand have removed a few things. One post and three or four replies to it, that if left just wouldn't make sense. I have not removed a whole thread. Unfortunately there were issues for some people (while others had none) which I genuinely wish weren't the case. Airing these issues in an informative and constructive way is not a bad thing. It can only help for future events. Name calling, abusive behaviour, and over the top arguing amongst yourselves is not the way to go though. That is the side of moderating which is not fun that we have to deal with. Nobody likes it but we do have to act on occasions. The other aspect, which luckily is the main part of our role I think, is answering queries and helping people. It's a very enjoyable process, talking to fellow fans/attendees.
  15. DavidB appeared from no-where, checked I was alive, then vanished into the crowd....
  16. When I sign up to a forum I consider myself a guest. As do others I know. It's just an analogy. Users who sign up to a forum agree to follow its rules. That is normal practice. Bad language is actually a small percentage of things that get edited. Threads don't get removed because of bad language. Threads are removed for other reasons.
  17. Posts are not normally deleted. Just simply removed from public viewing - so yes, as can the moderators.
  18. this is why we have mods to edit posts... but as it's a forum I do think all threads should stay and not go into hiding - I put good comments and bad comments ( never swear ) but do think it's a more honest approach to leave the entire thread in place minus the bickering / swearingIf a thread is removed it is for a reason, even if not known. Some may disagree with it but at the end of the day this is Showmaster's forum. Effectively 'you' are a guest in their house and it is just plain rude not to respect the rules of the house, even if you may disagree with how it is run. The moderators, while here to help, also have a role to uphold the rules. Posts will be edited or removed. As will threads if required. That will not change.
  19. Bad language is just one issue with some posts.
  20. Probably because there was a very clearly posted 'no photos' sign behind her. They are there for a reason (which is not always made obvious to attendees). So please respect that in future.
  21. Ok. That's enough people. This is another thread that is turning into personal attacks.
  22. I replied here, http://showmastersonline.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=85394&p=1876050 If you have not found them, the forum rules can be found here, http://showmastersonline.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=44730 Basically the replies from the users above are correct.
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