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    Guest Suggestions...go!

    I really want to meet Amber Benson she was my fave in buffy was guyed when she was killed of so here's my guest suggestions. Amber Benson, Alyson Hannigan, Eliza Dushku, Amy Acker, Felicia Day, Charisma Carpenter, Michelle Trachtenberg, and I have more but that's my rough suggestions but my number 1 suggestion is Amber Benson
  2. MeganJTee19

    Guest Suggestions for ET10

    Please the let the next guest be a memeber of the Cullen Family i Havent met HOPE ITS ASHLEY GREENE would love to meet her and shes only been to and ET EVENT once
  3. MeganJTee19

    Guest Suggestions for ET10

    Dear SHOWMASTERS ADMIN Patrick Brennan Just no long posted on the BRING BACK ET facebook page saying I want in!!! Let's make this happen people!!! so with hes wanting to come back this year for ET10 well get in touch with him and get it sorted the more guests interested the better
  4. MeganJTee19

    New Guests

    k thnkz
  5. MeganJTee19

    New Guests

    when is it tht u get your gold tickets once you've ordered them do they come 2 weeks before the event iv never done it before so i was worried id done it wrong
  6. MeganJTee19

    New Guests

    Thankz David just wandered if anyone knew what was happening do u know anything about what its like at eternal twilight ive never been to a convention like this before
  7. MeganJTee19

    New Guests

    Hi i have never been to a twilight event like this before except when i met kellan lutz and Nikki Reed in Glasgow , Scotland and i am finding my self getting annoyed and impatient lol. so far the guests announced for Eternal Twilight 10 are Chaske Spencer and Cameron Bright who i cant wait to meet and they announce the partys for Friday , Saturday abd sunday which are Celebrate st patricks day with the Irish Coven , AN Element Party to do with Benjamins powers and A Sleepover at the cullens chill out party. that was announced on the 25th of April it is now almost the 16th of July and i havnt heard anything more sorry for keep on asking people . I know its to do with whos avalible and there announced once the contracs or what ever is done. But Any input u can give me would help Thankx.
  8. MeganJTee19

    Guest Suggestions for ET10

    so far the guests are Chaske Spencer and Cameron Bright neither of which i have met before ive met Kellan Lutz and Nikki Reed and my other guests for the line up to maybe get announced yet are: Ashley Greene Anna Kendrick Christian Serratos Michael Welch Justin Chon Peter Facinelli Elizabeth Reaser Jackson Rathbone Maggie Grace Mia Miestro Christian Camargo Myanna Buring Casey Labow Charley Bewley Daniel Cudmore Dakota Fanning Michael Sheen Jamie Campbell-Bower Tyson Houseman Cam Gigandet Edi Gathegi Rachelle Levefre Bryce Dallas-Howard Makenzie Foy Xavier Samuel Jodelle Ferland Lee Pace Rami Malek Angela Sarafyan Noel Fisher Kiowa Gordon Alex Meraz Bronson Pelletier Julia Jones BooBoo Stewart Billy Burke Sarah Clarke Graham Greene Gil Birmingham Gregory Tyree Boyce Tinsel Korey theres alot here to choose from Ashley Greene is my fav i love Alice
  9. MeganJTee19

    Eternal Twilight

    k thankz for the help
  10. MeganJTee19

    Eternal Twilight

    Can anyone PLease tell me what the ET10 Dealers Room is ive never been to a Eternal Twilight Convention so have no idea what it is me and my mum are going to the ET10 one and have no idea wht to do when we get there any advice on wht to do once weve registered i see people putting up things like looking for things to ware for the themed parties so does the dealers room sell extra stuff for autographs and rental costumes or something i have no idea can someone plz help me ?
  11. MeganJTee19

    Latest Guest Announcement - CAMERON BRIGHT

    cant wait havnt meet him before
  12. MeganJTee19

    Latest guest Announcement - Chaske Spencer

    cant wait i havnt meet Chaske yet but i did meet Kellan Lutz and Nikki Reed When they where doing singings in Glasgow as Part of the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Promotional Tour
  13. MeganJTee19

    Friday 7PM. Be there or be square :-)

    can't wait i am going with my mum we got a gold ticket package each so far the guests are Chaske Spencer and Cameron Bright this is the first time Cameron has been to something like this in the uk looking forward to seeing him and chaske never been to this before hope they announce more guests soon the parts have been announced friday night is Celebrate St. Patrick Day with the Irish Coven , Saturday night is Benjamin's Elements Party and is Sundays Chill out party is Sleepover at the Cullen's cant wait
  14. MeganJTee19

    Author signings @ ET 10?

    i would love to meet Richelle Mead at ET10 i have read all her Vampire Academy Books Loved the first film cant wait to see if the second one will come out and ive just started reading her spin-off books from VA called Bloodlines