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  1. hi, just want to check the policy on a three year old at the talk? thanks
  2. Lorrabe

    Come on people, who is uber excited!?

    I am beyond uber excited- I almost wasn't coming. It was a noway nohow and I was miserable! But then, a miracle and now I AM SO HAPPY Bouncy even I'm coming, trains booked and everything! See everyone there O and I'm already packed- had it done about 20 mins after I found out I could go
  3. Lorrabe

    Twin Room Going Spare.

    That's terrible And awful timing I'm kinda in the same boat 'cept it's going on 4 1/2 months The trick is to have someone else do the heavy lifting and make use of the disabled assistance programs Hope you get better soon
  4. Lorrabe

    Ticket numbers

    Me and my sister, Tessieqosb Gold 45 +46
  5. I am a huge fan of these three shows and to be honest of the general 'con' genre I would love an event for them and joining them together ensures a large fanbase and potential guests who have worked extensively in these and other shows and films that have strong followings. The additional of Real Hustle is mostly cos how awesome would it be to have demonstrations?
  6. Lorrabe


    Yes Please My sister and I bought a ticket for the first one straight away and we'd do it again! Don't care where you hold it just PLEASE have one You could even make it Resonance/Being Human and that gives more guests and a potentially bigger fanbase Please
  7. Lorrabe


    This was supposed to be my sisters 30th birthday weekend so we've been desperately trying to get something together. Needing to book transport while expecting the money EARLY January, I've already got charges. It is just getting a bit ridiculous now and we're gonna end up doing nothing for her birthday
  8. Lorrabe

    Photoshoot and Talk time Schedule

    I've not seen the plans for about 2 months so they've probably changed. But don't worry. Go to Derek's first (as Misha's is longer) and explain to the photo crew that you have a Misha photo shoot and they make sure you get through quicker. thanks Now I've to ask another question for my sister- who never does anything for herself. She will be going Derek, Misha and then back for John Rhys Davies- do you think she'll make it? She's asking cos being massive Misha fans we're well aware of how popular he is and don't want to be so late with him she misses John Thanks again in advance
  9. Lorrabe

    Photoshoot and Talk time Schedule

    I have the same, and I was told go to Derek Jacobi and tell the crew you have to get to Misha and they'll do their best to get you through quickly so you have time. They clashed and that was the reason i booked Misha on the Sunday. We bought them before the schedule was out- guess thats what forward planning does for you Thanks for the info
  10. Lorrabe

    Photoshoot and Talk time Schedule

    How close are the photo areas? Cos my sister and I have Misha and Derek Jacobi on Sat and they're at the same time.
  11. Are you asking for a rant? A nit pick? Cos I can so totally do that. I love the guest list and yes there's loads but if you really want it I'm willing to find the flaws AND a massive list of who else I want. Always willing to keep the organisers and mods happy.
  12. Awesome! I loved Ava. 2nd best of the Children and I really hated what happened to her. Love Katherine More please?
  13. Lorrabe

    Latest Guest Announcement - Misha Collins

    Yah!! Yah!! Yah!! The MishaMinions Lord and Master is coming back to Britain!! Can't wait.
  14. Lorrabe


    Can I just check- has this thread moved into the delusional vein of just deciding there IS an SM/ME Supernatural event? I would like to add that that seems perfectly reasonable to me until such time as tptb acknowledge we're right, I would just like clarification on this imaginary/inevitable con.
  15. Lorrabe

    HILTON HOTEL CODE for room bookings

    Are the people who are booking being redirected to reservations? 'Cos the inhouse are closed and when I called the hotel tried to redirect me to central reservations. I declined the offer because I used to work for them and know they cannot offer the Con rate, maybe that's why there's difficulty with getting availability of rooms at the moment. Just as suggestion as I know the inhouse and central systems, allocations and prices are different and group rates aren't available from central res. For my own booking I'm gonna wait til Tuesday to speak to inhouse and get it all sorted out.