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  1. Agreed! Something extra for Gold and Silver ticket holders would be good! Whilst I understand that guests do cancel, I am a bit upset that I have now wasted money on a silver ticket! Have every faith in ME to sort this out though :)
  2. Awwwwwwww poor you This has happened to friends before, and I can understand the embarassment. As others have said, I tend to just watch what people in front of me do, if others get hugs then I ask for one, if they don't then I don't! Most guests don't seem to mind, but yeah you do get the odd few that really don't want to!
  3. Any chance of some Misfits guests?!! It's a great genre show and British as well!
  4. Such a great genre show, and British too! Any chance of some guests?!
  5. YESSSSSSSSSSSS! Bring back House Broken!
  6. chole110


    I know! I'm getting a bit desperate too! Down to £8 in my bank account and pay day is 2 weeks off!
  7. chole110


    Yep EVERYONE will be refunded! Has anyone e-mailed SM yet?! If so can you let us know what they said? Seems silly us all e-mailing them! Ta! I REALLY hope it's soon, they said early January and it's now half way through the month! I've been working on the fact we'd be getting it early in the month and if it doesn't appear in the next week I'm going to end up in minus figures and will be charged by the bank!
  8. chole110


    Any idea when this will start being processed? I am relying on having the money this month! Thanks
  9. Are there still lots of tickets left for this?
  10. chole110

    I give up

    I agree - too many cons so some are going to start suffering
  11. LOVING Olympia 2 as a venue, PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE can we keep this as a venue, it was SO SO good! Really well laid out with tons of room to move, it made the day a lot more relaxing! Very convenient having a Tesco Metro opposite too! Really fun and relaxed day, guests weren't too busy at all, I strolled in at about 11:30 am and could have met anyone I wanted to (I decided not to meet anyone today ... saving pennies!), everyone had an Open Q by the end of the day, even the more popular guests. Not sure how busy it'll be tomorrow for Barrowman, but if you're going to meet anyone else I'd advise you don't bother getting there at crack of dawn, there really isn't any need and you'll just get cold!
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