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  1. So happy that this thread has become so big I just hope that all of our dreams come true within the next couple of months! Especially since we could still have another two guests. I'm hoping for Jackson & Nikki, although it's a longshot!
  2. Thanks SM! Just need to get Jackson now, so she can see another friendly face
  3. Sorry, I went for some tea And I guess I'm not /that/ old really. Now to catch up... I would most like to be a Journalist. Up until I was 15 I wanted to act, I made a little Independant movie and stuff, but I don't think it's really for me anymore. My favourite place in the world is America. Or Canada. Or Japan My favourite colour is probably pink, I know, ridiculously girly. I'm pretty much Agnostic. What is / are your favourite books? Sorry if it's already been asked!
  4. Hiya, I'm Shelby, at the minute I'm sixteen but I'll be seventeen by the time of the con (my birthday is two weeks before then) I'm team Jalice too! I'm not entirely sure if I can be classed at one of the younger atendees, but still. If this is your first con, you'll really enjoy it. This will have been my 3rd ET one!
  5. I hope some more people decide to be humans too, otherwise it'll be lonely
  6. I'm going to be Angela, I think she'll be nice and easy because I have the inner geek (and the glasses to prove it) I actually don't even care if I'm too fat to play her, it'll be fun
  7. I'd love to try and be someone, but I can't put contacts in at all. So that would kind of defeat the object. I could be a human though Even though I guess they're not as important, haha!
  8. LOL! I think those photos sum up what i'd be like too .
  9. Took the words right out of my mouth! His face on the last photo...ahhh Awww, he is adorable
  10. Yess, they have a Katy Perry obsession + Kellan's really cute, he told me that he liked my scarf and said that I smelt good. I'd love to have him back.
  11. I don't think they'd do that anyway, seeing as they're not directly related to the films. Bringing them would like be bringing somebody from a Youtube Paraody, regardless of their popularity in America, it doesn't necessarily make them well known here. However, I do think they're funny and would like to meet them some day, just not at ET4, where I have paid, like you said, for five guests from the movies. The offical ones.
  12. Get off my thread. I agreeee!
  13. Hahaha thank you, I think he's laughing so much, because I didn't know that he pretended to "shoot" me xD and everyone else was laughing at us too.
  14. Soo excited, I just hope this time we don't leave with the Flucinelli this time, like ET1
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