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  1. have you any idea when the photoshoots will take place as I have a terrible feeling you will have them at stupidly early times so people not staying in london will miss out. Considering the exensive prices I think you should at least set them for an hour or so after the doors open
  2. my only problem was the location, ive been to many of the shows at the MK centre but this was the first one id been to at the foot ground,. Defo not designed for such large amounts of people to be walking aroud in the thin outskirts. The room with the tables was too busy to even move let along walk around and the wind made the bits outside freezing cold. Poor tim witherspoon said he was freezing cold when i met him. Wish id of bought him a hot chocolate or something now hehe. I had problems with the london ones with the terrible dry heat but at least theres space there. Still never understand why they even bother with VTs, Half the time the queues are empty for say 0-500 when loads of ppl will be wandering around (making the crowded table prlbmes worse) simply coz they have number 850 VT. While the actual queue is almost empty. And BARRIERS. PUT SOME BARRIERS UP!!!! The queue from michael dorn/ nichelle nicols was facing BOTH directions as well as the usual mass of ppl standing nearby triyng to get a glimpse as well as ppl just trying to get thru. Barriers for the queues with a SM staff member The END!
  3. take food and drink. especially drink, wear something cool, you will be sweating!
  4. All the Darts lads swould be good again. MMA fighters
  5. Wish I had bought it at the time, there was one, possibly more, stalls there today selling quite large picture frames with about 4 or 5 smaller pictures circling around a blank space for our own photos to go in. Really wanna buy one now for the other half to use. Anybody any idea of the dealer and if they have a website etc.. Cheers
  6. Some really good points...however: SM have no say in which order the pictures come back from the printing lab...anyone who has put a large batch of pictures from a holiday (on a memory card) into a printing lab is likely familiar with the fact that the order you get the pictures BACK, rarely corresponds to the order the lab was GIVEN them... As for the photo pick up point...a great idea. In theory. If the public there would not even step back 6ft when asked....how are the crew to enforce this anti clockwise rotation? They certainly cannot get overly forceful, not without causing a riot, or generating a MASSIVE set of complaints. And if being people refused to move when asked...raising the volume of the request is unlikely to yeild better results! As always, with the best plans and systems in the world...if members of the public refuse to cooperate, the plans fall apart. That being said, SM listen to all reasonable complaints and suggestions, as shown by the gloves and slight improvement in Photo distribution set up. All of this being said, pretty much everyone, crew, guest and public was great this weekend. Everyone I met and talked to was really nice, in spite of the heat. Glad to meet everyone I met, and hope to see you all again. :) I the public WOULD step back if asked properly by someone on their side of the table, ive worked with the great unwashed for 18 years and you have to treat them like idiots when they are en-mass. There needed to be a CLEAR QUEUE START SIGN also just like the autograph areas with the crew ushering ppl into. The fact there was no attempt at even splitting the mass of photos over more tables was unbelievable, and as someone already said simply splitting the pictures into males/females wouldve helped and been a start. Still amazed how many crew members were inside that tiny area without any effect other than getting the line moving anti-clockwise for a short while. Id quite confident I couldve got that line moving properly had I had the authority, was waiting for jason to come over at arounf 5.30pm as there were still loads of people trying to get to the desk with no luck, perhaps this is a common and acceptable thing? I dont know other than Im glad my GF managed to grab her picture before the place closed. We will certainly be not getting a photoshoot done again at SM unless something has changed drastically with big name photos, and not to either of the EC venues due to the heat and poor light in ec1. Bluewater should be fun. the MK events ive been to over the years always stand out, perhaps it was the sheer size of them?
  7. I presume you were on of the people standing around the table and not moving? The system may work fine for smaller celebs but the sheer numbers of Tennant photos made the pickup a total shambles. The need for proper queuing systems all around the show was clear today, just a barrier for 1 crew member to usher people into wouldve stopped all the jam of gormless people blocking everyone off and stopping the queue from moving. At one point there mustve been 5 crew in that tiny space and not one thought about clearing the table completly of people and starting an orderly line. Shouting now and then to move anti clockwise will not help when 30 people are stopping the line from moving by standing infront of EMPTY TABLES! /rant
  8. im not surprised with the retards who constantly crowded the tables without moving, even times when there were NO PHOTOS in front of them, this caused the circle to stop moving and causing havoc. Dealing with the general public in such awful conditions mustve been terrible.
  9. The heat was far too much Still no proper queuing for ANYTHING, whats wrong with barriers for queues? ppl line up all over the place creating confusion The photo pickup point for David Tennant was an absolute farce. Surely someone may of thought to either, print AND DISPLAY them out in batches, even if its say 1-200 200-400 500+ etc.. it wouldve helped. Having such a tiny area for over 1000 pictures was asking for trouble. Especially when half the table was empty, idiots still stood around that part of the table, not moving when the staff asked them to move along or go away. This just caused the people who actually were trying to look for their photo an almost iimpossible task since crew were asking people to keep moving, walkin anti-clockwise and GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY if you dont see your photo. amazed how many people just stood there like gormless zombies camped 4 people deep stopping anyone else from looking for their photos. It was clear when the tennant photos started to fill up the table there were going to be LOTS of people unable to get a look. Someone needed to: * SHOUT for EVERYBODY to clear the table, using a crew to walk everybody at least 6ft away from the table, then pick 2 random ppl to start a moving queue around the table, in an anti clockwise direction WITH THE CREW MEMBER ushing folks into the queue. This wouldve been the only logical way of helping things along in this awful situation of a free for all of photos on a tiny area with 500 people all trying to get there at the same time. Surely the camera saves the images in file numbers, and when printed in that order the pics can be put in ROUGHLY the right area such as in batches of 200 and seperated from other batches! I know sometimes more than one shot would be taken and ppls pic may end up in an earlier or later batch but at least it wouldve allowed a majority of people to get their photos much quicker Oh yeh the light is still apalling in EC1 Defo never going to an EC1 show again
  10. excellenbt,m theres two shoots for tennant, was worried if he had an early one ONLY we wouldent get there/ get inside in time. the 1pm one will surfice :) How long do they shoots go on for just incase we are able to get into not long agter the 11.10 one?
  11. Busier photo shoot session will oeprate a batch system based on ticket number, 1-50 (or similar) will be called first to queue up, then 1-100, and so on. You can join at any point after your ticket number has been called (providing the session hasn't finished of course). With the quieter sessions everybody joins the queue regardless of ticket number. How many photo session does a guest do in a day, or how many session are there in total? With the latter it depends on how many guests take part. With the former it is normally one. The odd guest has taken part in a couple of sessions in one day, Karen Gillan and John Barrowman spring to mind. The length of a guests photo shoot depends on how many tickets are sold. I have seen 5 minute sessions, 90 minutes sessions, and pretty much everything in between. After one guest has had there photo shoot, there is a small break of 5 or so minutes, then it is time for the next guest. ok thanks for the info. Hoping they dont put tennants photoshoot at some silly time like before the doors open while we are all still in the queue or worse still on the train there. Silly sunday trains, earliest train i can get is 8.30 and im only 2hrs away from liverpool street
  12. How do the photoshoots work? since its a sunday im not confident of the trains running on time. We have orded a David Tennant shoot, I assume they are in batches just like VTs? How many shoot sessions do they usually do in a day? space them out every few hours or something? cheers
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