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  1. I was talking to a group of people in a queue and they said that they wanted to have a stall. They did not for a few reasons but one being the price that they would have had to pay
  2. Just a thought . I think and this is my experience from other dst events. If Michael Dorn.levar Burton. Gates mcfadden where on the free talk stage I'm am sure garret Wang would be in that category also. Please correct me if I have got some facts wrong .
  3. I was just asking. So can you clarify for me then. How should I read it. ?
  4. It says destination star trek Europe, the largest Official Star Trek Convention celebrating 50 years. It does not say. Destination star trek Europe, Europe's largest Official etc. Just pointing that out.
  5. Far from being the LARGEST still though. Big statement to make. !!
  6. Colm meaney was the last minute replacement for JF last time.
  7. I certainly hope so. Still very light on the guests at the moment
  8. We still need a minimum of 10 more guests IMO. and some big names such as captains and at least 2 more of them.
  9. Just go on the nec Web site and it has a plan of the building
  10. I believe it's in hall 4 . Which is only one hall out of many at the nec .
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