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  1. I would also add sharpie paint pens in gold and silver can be very hit or miss. I also get mine in blue/red/yellow and must be oil base. If you want to use silver I’d recommend Pentel paint pen.
  2. Been wanting to meet him for a few years now, excellent guest.
  3. No it wasn't you getting them on the Sunday, this person definitely wasnt working with showmasters
  4. Something needs to be done with people getting more then 5 autos as at the Natalie Dormer table a guy in front of me got around 25 10x8 photos signed and she was really getting annoyed about and was saying to the blue shirt next to her that "I didn't think you was allowed to do this" and "I'm only signing a couple more from him then that's it". So even the guests were getting annoyed with it.
  5. So am I right in thinking that if you have a DP can skip the VT queue?
  6. @Wrong Name if my dad bought me a diamond pass on his card how do I collect it?
  7. He wasn't there last year and if we said about being let in early we would be moved to the back of the line
  8. Does the person who's name is on the bank card used to purchase the diamond pass have to collect?
  9. Does the persons name have to match the card used to purchase it?
  10. anyone have any ideas on what to get signed? i was thinking a leatherface pop funky but not sure
  11. one of my favourite actors, can not wait to meet the man himself
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