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  1. Thankyou. I just didn't want to reserve a hotel room for the wrong dates.
  2. Definitely excited about this! I hope it gets its own forum section soon. In the mean time, can anyone clarify the date? The cons own site says 8th-10th June, but the calendar on the massive events page says 24th-26th?
  3. Overall I had a brilliant weekend and dont have any specific complaints :) However something I would say for future events is that if people are waiting for their group to be called for autographs then could the crew please ask them not to wait in front of the boards in the autograph room? There was one point over the weekend where my friend and I were quite confused because the queue was so long it almost reached where the board was, and there was a big group of girls stood in front of the board so we couldnt see if our group had been called, and we couldnt get to the crew member to ask because they were in the way. We asked them if they were in the queue and they said yes, but in the end it turned out they were just waiting to be called. Our group had already been called, so we could have gone ahead of them rather than waiting there for an extra 10 minutes. It just would have saved a lot of confusion if they had been waiting somewhere else. But thats the only minor issue I had.
  4. He could still turn on you at any moment. He kills you he doesnt have to pay you after all.
  5. I think this thread wins for best tangent. Just saying. Id also like to point out that at least if we get murdered, at least we all go down together :')
  6. Jackson Rathbone Jackson Rathbone Jackson Rathbone Jackson Rathbone Jackson Rathbone Or Dappy from NDubz/Michael ball. Both very worthy suggestions! Did I mention Jackson?
  7. If we dont have copies of that in our registration packs ready for you to autograph I will be devastated.
  8. Haha I forgot shoes for ET2. Clearly a common mistake to make I have no idea what im going to wear to any of the parties! Is that bad? lol
  9. Sad news to hear. I know a lot of people couldnt go due to the date change (myself included). I dont think september is a particularly good time for cons, but thats just my observation. At least Muggle Mayhem 1 will still remain my favourite of all the SM/ME cons Ive been to.
  10. Noo im not going to et5 so have him for et4 please
  11. Nice punn, I see what you did there :YAHOO: But yeah leaks make me sad. Im such a spoilerphobe anyway i just wouldnt go near one lol. I love waiting for things on the big screen <3 Anywho the trailer was just awesome
  12. I really really wanted to go to this but the date change means i cant. If only they had announced the change a few days earlier then I still would have been free to go. But im with Talie on the whole guests thing. I mean obviously good guests are awesome but seriously the best thing about MM1 was just the other attendees that I met :)
  13. Anyone else see the advert for s7 of OTH during Glee monday night? Said coming soon. Woop :) Meeeeeeeee
  14. OMG when did you turn into unicorn Ray?
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