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  1. Scott Bakula, Jewel Staite, all three red dwarf guests, Paul McGann, Tom Baker, Keely Hawes, Starbug, Eve Myles, the Phelps twins, Chris Sarandon But I can only afford 3!
  2. My third choice 'other' would be Jane Austen world
  3. I loved the weekend, first conference ever and ME did a fantastic job. The only thing I think I would have changed is to swap the partes so that Saturday was Gun Men of the Apocolypse. But it's no big deal really. Had loads of fun, loved the guests, the attendees and the organisers (although the lady doing the photoshoot on Saturday that kept shouting at us to face front and bunch up was hilarious!). And want to echo the opinion that Danny saved the day on Saturday with his 2 hour improv! I'm also going to the 'other' con in October because I'm a huge RD fan and just want to! I think Dave (the channel) proved that the fan base is large enough to cover two cons a year! Love to all (especially Ben who said I was dead polite!) x
  4. The pillow fight was going nowhere, your other half and Ethan (I think that was the boys name?) saved it! Legends, the pair of them!
  5. Thanks Everyone! Had a great time x
  6. Angels and demons. The spider scene still makes me cringe! In which episode do we see rimmer on the toilet?
  7. Oops, sorry, I didn't get on in time. I can't believe I guessed john lewis right! I think Cats suit was sort of orange, maybe peach? If I'm right, my question is: In which episode does Rimmer unusually call Lister 'one heck of a regular guy'?
  8. Hi Kris, just seen your photos on facebook - you did have a good time!! We'd have been ok if it was just me and my mate, but the new venue is totally family unfriendly. Will have to give it a miss in the future. No kids at BTL though, we're free!!
  9. We just got back from C15 and had a dreadful time! Freezing and didn't get to see anyone, the stalls we're too crowded and the kids nearly collapsed!! Really looking forward to next week now to make up for the disappointment!
  10. I think your comments are pretty fair. From a single parents point of view though, this new venue is impossible and I definatley won't be attempting this again. We've just got back, cold, miserable, aching and we didn't see anyone! Last year, I queued for the people I wanted to see while my friend took the kids round the shops and stall or sat in a cafe, then I did the same for her. This year we got there and we're told to come back in 2-3 hours for Philip Glenister, and longer for Filion and Nimoy - that's to start queueing! We tried to look round the stalls, but gave up after nearly losing the boys 3 times and me having a claustrophobic attack! Then it was down just standing with 3 miserable 11 year olds for hours in a freezing stadium with nothing but £3 hot dogs for comfort! Any parent will tell you - it's not do-able. This is one yearly event I'm sad to cross off my list :-(
  11. See you there juliet-t . P.S. I'm being nosy - what costumes you got? I want to know too! Hi Milly123 and Miss Adventure ,. My son has 4 amazing costumes for this event which have been specially made for him which one do you want to hear about, He has 2 for the Saturday and 2 for the Sunday. So you may have to spot who he is in the crowd, i'm being a torment aren't i but its the element of suprise . I don't dress up but always have fun anyway Ps. milly123 have answered your question on 2 weeks to go about what happens at the Convention. Julie Wow! how is he going to wear two costumes at once?!! I'm impressed. Tell us one, a Saturday night one Pleeeeese!
  12. Hi Milly,. Have been to quite a few conventions and to the Drinks Receptions and people tend to wear what they are wearing for the Theme party so wear what you want to, at the drinks reception the crew working for ME/SM bring the guests to you and introduce the Celeb guest to you. And during the Daytime the day normally starts around 9am and that involves the organisers announcing what is going on in the Hotel and Which room you need to be in for Autographs and Photos (This always happens in the morning) then we usually have the Guests talks in the Afternoon after lunch (Lunch is usually around 12.30 to 12.45 and is usually just over an Hour) , They do put up a full Schedule on the wall around the Hotel with Times and Were you need to be and it is very important you check these Schedules so you dont miss your Turn. You will be given a plastic tag with your number on (its the number on your letter) and a chain so you can wear it around your neck, if you dont show this when you go for an Autograph or Photo you wont be allowed in the Queue (So wear it all the time, i swing mine around when having the photos done so its not on the photo) You will have lots of fun as everyone is so friendly and helpful, when it comes to Autographs and Photos do wear flat comfy shoes as there is a lot of standing around involved. But you will have a Fabulous time i promise and you will meet a lot of really nice people while you stand in your Queue waiting for your turn, because everyone makes the effort to get to know everyone. Hope this helps, see you there. Julie Thanks Julie, that's helpful!
  13. Well, I'm a complete convention virgin! I have absolutley no idea what to expect!! Does anyone know when the drinks reception is over the weekend? and are we supposed to dress up for it or will people be in jeans and t-shirts? And is the weekend really busy and packed or are there lots of gaps with nothing to do? And what do you say when you come face to face with Rimmer and Lister and the rest anyway!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAARRRGGGHHHH!
  14. See you there juliet-t . P.S. I'm being nosy - what costumes you got? I want to know too!
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