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  1. I'd be happier if it stayed in Birmingham as its central and this weekend I commuted each day to save £. If it moved further away it would be difficult, but not impossible to attend obviously. Holiday Inn in central Brum is a good venue for cons too as its near the station and there're plenty of choices for food but I understand that i can be a pain for parking.
  2. I've met John Leeson before at Bad Wolf (year before last I think) and he's a greta guest but not really a surprise, no. I think they should have had Arthur as the surprise as he's definitely just New Who.
  3. I was disappoonted by the guest cancellations but the addition of Arthur made up for that and of course these things can't be helped. I enjoyed the format of the con although I 'm used to having a choice between getting autographs or seeing a panel not a morning of one and then an afternoon af the other. Then again it did mean that you didn't miss out on anything. Most memorable bits were watching this week's episode with Sylvester and the hotel switching it off just before the end ( in favour of adverts - I mean football ) and the mad dash to various hotel rooms to try and catch the end. Very frustrating at the time but a funny story to look back on Another highlight was indeed headbanging with Sylvester, plus meeting Arthur and making some great friends.
  4. Me too as I don't know if I'll be doing both days or just the one- it depends what is on when x
  5. Oh no I was really looking forward to meeting her too.
  6. There are some great reviews for this book on amazon.co.uk plus the blurb if anyone is interested. x
  7. I don't think they did last year but as you're paying separately for their autographs I'm sure they'd be happy to pose for/with you if you asked them. DOn't quote me on that though lol
  8. Hi Leefilmer. Yay, do it!
  9. Might go as Amy Pond. I have the hair and a couple of pairs of converse anyway lol
  10. Yay! His book is great. Looking forward to meeting him.
  11. Hi Starfighter. Thanks for your support. Will be great to see you there so by all means come and say hi! I've been writing a bit of Book 2 this week so would be happy to chat about it but I don't want to give away anything too spoilerish! :-)
  12. Well why don't you see what the event organisers say? You never know :-)
  13. There is no direct connection with the author and Who but she and Colin Baker both have the same publisher and some who fans are also fans of her work.
  14. Do it! I usually cosplay but as I'm signing this year then it might be a bit weird (I'm Ruth Wheeler)
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