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  1. heroes

    Richard Hatch RIP

    RIP Apollo
  2. heroes

    Latest Sports Guest Announcement - PELE

    Diamond Pass ordered, cannot wait. Is there a limit on amount of autographs he is signing per person? As i have a shirt and photo i want signed.
  3. so looking forward to lfcc again as ever year i say i cannot afford it but every year there is a couple that i think i must meet them. Whether they are big names or not i don't care. I will always keep going to the events. Keep up the good work Jason and the rest of the team, keep bringing the guests over to the show.
  4. heroes

    Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone

    as a big Rocky film franchise fan obviously Stallone but also like to meet Arnie aswell.
  5. heroes

    Guest Suggestions

    Anybody from Rocky and Top Gun for me got alot of stuff to be signed aswell.
  6. heroes

    Guest Suggestions

    Slyvester Stallone is my pick again this year got so much for him to sign from Rocky franchise. i would love to see him here and i know it would expensive so i could be spending heavy if he is announced.
  7. heroes

    Two New Shows for 2016 Announced

    nice if you drive
  8. heroes

    Guest Suggestions

    Masi Oka Ali Larter Zachary Quinto.
  9. heroes

    Guest Suggestions

    Sylvester Stallone please. Harrison Ford please
  10. heroes

    Guest Suggestions

    Anybody that has appeared in Big Bang Theory and Heroes i would be interested in Meeting.
  11. sly stallone or arnie my guesses
  12. Carl Froch Anthony Joshua Paul Gascoigne Kell Brook photoshoots with Carl Froch and Anthony Joshua
  13. Paul Gascoigne Anthony Joshua Carl Froch At the moment, may increase closer to time dependant on finances.
  14. looking forward to finally meeting him, got my Italia 90 england shirt with 19 on the back to sign.