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  1. According to the online store my 2 tickets for the Tapping & Shanks talk were despatched on the 9th Feb. but I still haven't recieved them. Some of my friends have had theirs.
  2. Jeremy Renner has done events before. He did a weekend convention just after Angel Season 1 as I met him there. God, you're kidding me *heartbroken* x You're so lucky x
  3. Gonna have my two cents. I know it's an absolute long shot. So I'm just gonna put it out there. Jeremy Renner Only saying cause my head would literally explode. And I would need advanced warning. And if you don't know who he is...Then what have you been watching the last year. Sam Xxx
  4. Thank you SO much. Cause I can't make it to Chevron in November. This more than makes up for it :) xx
  5. On Sunday they were calling ticket numbers in batches of 25, which as a lot better. I had low photo ticket numbers too and was behind people with much higher ones. I knew for Gillian Anderson and Jeri Ryan they wanted to get everyone in upto 400.
  6. The light blue background used for Jewel Staite's pictures on Sunday was AWFUL! Everyone looked washed out and sweaty! My Jewell one from Saturday has the blue background but it's not as bad as my Nick Lea. I had 2 printed off for Jewel. Only difference is that she's smiling more in one than the other x
  7. I went looking for it on Sunday and couldn't find it
  8. Thats what mine looks like. Yes I had mine on Saturday. I'm not sure how to go around asking for a reprint. I did ask on the day but the crew member was quite rude to me about it. Did you ask to speak to a Pit Boss? If that happens again (fingers crossed it won't) please speak to a Pit Boss. The crew member should have directed you to them. I apologize if it didn't happen in that case. E-Mail and ask. This is a decision the office has to make, sorry. No worries. Will scan the picture tomorrow and email the office. Thanks for the help x
  9. My Nick Lea is pretty bad too. Did u have it taken on Saturday? Nick's face looks like he has a torch for a face. I've seen other peoples and maybe it was just a mistake during printing. Would I be eligible for a reprint?
  10. I have the same quibble about the talks. Me and my sister attended the X Files talk yesterday afternoon and the woman Infront of us was clearly videoing it on her iPod/mp3 and no one said anything. At one point, the mic runner actually sat next to her has she asked her question. And even then, did nothing. X
  11. My only problem with the print is that its too big. Not everyone takes big suitcases. Maybe a pre signed 10x8 or something. Or a copy of a signed photo. Its just that i've had to carry my print around with me all day in a huge plastic protector thingy. Was gonna leave it at the hotel but the plastic folder cost me £5. Is a lovely print though x
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