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  1. If you have a diamond pass, can you purchase more autographs on top?
  2. Generally i thought the event was good, but there are various things that really need to be sorted; Bring back staggered opening with early bird tickets, it looked like you had the entire capacity turn up and try to get in at 9. I arrived at 830 and did not get in until about 1045. Over head hanging signs would make navigating and finding areas much easier. Put 'you are here' markers on the maps. Level 1 in particular was very over crowded and hot. Give the guests more signing time. Perhaps a dedicated hall with tables and chairs and food sellers for people to chill out, like most other events these days. It would also have been nice if someone had gone up and down the queues in the morning letting people know what was happening and pulling people out who were going to miss photo shoots etc. The outside queue management that was run by Olympia worked very well.
  3. If you have purchased tickets online for talks / photo shoots do you need to exchange the etickets/recipts before hand or do you just rockup at the allotted times with your print outs?
  4. Does anyone know what time the friday guests will be signing to? Normally on a sat they sign almost to closing, will that apply on the friday e.g. 2000?
  5. I would vote for Hawaii as long as the flights are included in the current ticket cost, fanciful i know but fingers crossed.
  6. GamerGraph Thanks - i was looking for something to enable flat storage, ill have to check out rymans. thanks for the info.
  7. Does anyone have any recommendations on where to get sleeves for protecting UK Quad and US 1 sheet movie posters?
  8. David Duchovny would be very cool or how about any of the lone gunmen - i don't think i have seen them at any of the conventions.
  9. see a recent similar post here where it was discussed. http://showmastersonline.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=80390
  10. All the Dealers are in one area inside the buidling, so it does get very Busy there, but around the guests it does not tend to be too bad. As part of the walkway where the guests are is open to the elements it can be quite cold, i seem to remember the guests being given heaters a couple of years ago.
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