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  1. Right, let's get this back into perspective, boots or no boots... We re-attended the show today and let my say what a difference a day makes. We were offered a re-shoot which was done without question. The pit crew were so helpful. We asked for the photo to be taken a certain way which it was and a far better result was acheived. On the subject of on site prinnting. I totally understand that the decent printers are the big machines that are designed for permanent install and using boots is not an issue provided that you keep it away from the publics eyes. Local onsite printers will always suffer a slight difference in quality compared to a digital lab. It's a toss up between quality or speed. Perhaps the following could be done, at the time the photo is taken you get to see it on a screen before leaving the booth, you then have the chance to see its a fail before leaving. If you say it's ok, then the organisers can send it to a lab without the worry of people not being happy etc. People are prepared to wait but only knowing that your photos are good enough. I want to thank showmasters for listening to the forum and dealing with it. Please showmasters keep the posed photos going but maybe think about some tweaks. There is tech avaialbe, I've seen it used, perhaps we could discuss that sometime. Again, I think this and other SM events rock, it was an SM event that got me into Autograph collecting, please keep up the good work.
  2. Thanks for the reply and please let me appologise for mentioning another event, I'm new to the forum, We spoke to a person in a blue shirt and didn't really get much help, we are coming back tomorrow (Sunday) so may seek out a red shirted crew member. Magnus is appearing tomorrow so there is some hope.?! From personal expirience, seeing the photos unpacked from a photo wallets from high street chemist leads to the impression that photos were not printed on site! I know that alot of effort goes into arranging an event that would drive most people insane but little things that get missed like this spoil an event for visitors.
  3. Please exuse some of the spelling, autocorrect has been active again
  4. My partner has waited a long time to get a pose photo, today, with great anticipation he got his voucher, too it to see Magnus who was appearing in full costume. Photo taken and all seemed of until after a 3 hour wait while the photos were rushed to boots (honestly, have you not heard of on site printers like other conventions have) I LU to find that there was a poorly framed shot that missed out moist of the costume. I ask, what is the photographer thinking when an actor turns up in costume.... Hmm... I'll just photograph the chest upwards.... Quite obviously yes. The £25 paid is quite honestly with the photographers skills and the fact that you have to rely on boots is the biggest con going. We lodged a compliant with the organsors boot only to be told, "that's the way it goes and nothing can be done" Whilst I'm. It expecting the world and understand the event is really busy (I've attended enough of them) I would wish that the photographers would take the initiative to take a picture in more than just chest up especially when an actor appears in costume. Secondly, You really do need to look at on site instant printers...
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