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  1. A tricky question, i voted "big movie star." But, there is always a but, I would love to meet a Cullen who haven't attended before. So it would be: "Rather Dakota Fanning (or another big movie star) rather than a repeated Cullen."
  2. I've space in my room if anyone needs a roomie :)
  3. I definitely have post con blues, or rather an post con ecstatic, I'm still in convention mood and is way to much excited about... well... everything. Like scream up for nothing and being to much excited about Darren Shan twittering me... A friend asked me if an alien swapped soul with me during the weekend. But right now I'm just waiting for the blues to come when I realise nothing exciting is going on. Looking forward to ET5, these cons are such a great break from reality and the pretending to be a smart student... One bad thing, I don't really have anyone to talk to about these fantastic events as most of my friends dislikes or absolutely hates Twilight xD
  4. I talked to two girls who stayed in 1020 (I think that was the number of their hotel room) on Friday, one of you read a sample from my manuscript. Would you add me on facebook (if you like), I would like to stay in touch with you :) http://www.facebook.com/#!/LindeaYven
  5. All of you have great pictures :)
  6. It's really great that we get this Montage, sadly I won't be able to bring it home with me without destroying it. Anyway I think it's looks great :)
  7. Yes, not a problem. okay, thanks :)
  8. I've got two tickets for the con, will I be allowed to have both of my autographs and photos at the same time? (I've got one gold and one silver)
  9. aednil


    I'll be 20 when at the con, but I've seen many adults at earlier cons so I don't think you will be "old" and alone with just a lot of teenagers. Anyway: age is just a number.
  10. http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?e...9802&ref=ts
  11. I would have people from the actual cast than rather than parodies ones, even if they are "just in the film" they are in it.
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