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  1. SEAN PATRICK FLANERY!!!! He is amazing! Plus he was in the latest/last season of Dexter! (amongst other things: Boondock Saints, Criminal Minds, SAW 7 etc) AND MATTHEW GREY GUBLER - No explanation needed really!
  2. Anyone who loves Nick should listen to his band Manifesto......they're amazing!
  3. Just wondered if anyone knows who will be doing talks over the weekend?
  4. Don't worry about being new, Ive only been to one LFCC before this one and it was amazing :) http://www.btowstore.com/epages/Store2_Sho...2837&Page=4 You can buy tickets for Norman's photoshoots when they get put up at that link as well as entry tickets... If you nervous about going alone just talk to people on here, everyone is super friendly! My twitter is BlondeSpielberg if you want a fellow Norman friend :)
  5. Actually cant believe it!!! He's been my absolute FAV actor for years and now I finally get to meet him.......someone pinch me to make sure I'm away lol WELL DONE SHOWMASTERS!!!!!
  6. I think everyone who met him would agree that Sean Patrick Flanery was AMAZING at EMS! Bring him back next year with Norman Reedus!
  7. The only reason I attended EMS this weekend was for Sean and I was in no way disappointed. He was one of the most kind and considerate guests i've ever met! From what I could see he shook hands with every attendee who went to his photoshoot and thanked them for coming as they left. Spent time talking to everyone who went for his autograph and posed for pictures at his signing table. His talk was hillarious and overall he was amazing! Bring him back any time Showmasters! I'd meet him again and again!
  8. <3 <3 <3 NORMAN REEDUS!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3
  9. I know I'm a terrible, terrible person for just discovering the awesomeness that is the Boondock Saints but I think it would make an amazing convention or even just getting some of the guys (Norman and Sean specifically ) to come to a collectomania or LFCC.....Anyone with me?
  10. Yay! I was beginning to think I was the only one since noone had made a group yet! lol What numbers are you guys? :)
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