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  1. Darkmans computer has completly died - he may not be on for a while to answer questions people ask
  2. If its an X3 thing how can you be Gambit....he isnt actually in X3 from what I have seen
  3. eh?! I thought it was Friday you were going as Tom Bakers incarnation of Doctor Who?!?! I am soo confused.
  4. lol - am trying to think where to get cheap tails from - it may have to be some more...umm...fashionable tails from Next if i cant find them cheaper online - Tails are blooming expensive lol. Now to learn to walk in thigh high boots lol SG
  5. I'll take Zatanna (If i can get the costume together- cant be too hard) ((Will try and convince The Doctor to get into tights and join in!)) SG
  6. I'll be there - already have a place to crash (Enter Cirs {CM8's Darkman}!!).
  7. w00t. Nice pictures - I really wanted to take the BIG superman model home - didnt think i would be allowed though - especially seeming as i had no money lol. SG
  8. I, personally, did not have any problems with the crew and have not seen anyone have any problems with them. With people like Shatner, there would not have been enough time in the day to get everyone through without there being certain draw backs. If some of the crew members were slightly grouchy at times then they may have had a good reason. Yes - there should be some professionalism there - good customer service and all that, but there is also the aspect that there would have been alot of people in that queue for Shatner that would have also have been grouchy and probably rude to them. It is no excuse but it is what it is. This thread has been posted for constructive critism. Not only for what you think is wrong but HOW you think it could be made better. How are SM meant to change things unless people constructivly say what they think? Why not give them some pointers at what you think could be inproved - in realistic ways - instead of just basically slagging them off - that helps no one. This is not necesserily ago at you. I have only seen you add to this thread in this way. It is more of a post to anyone who wishes to contribute in the way in which you have done. *goes and hides in the corner when she realises she sounds commanding and didnt mean to be* SG
  9. That would make sence. At least you would know before hand. I know I saw a couple of people who had obviously REALLY gotten thier hopes up on getting a photograph and then didnt. If they were to know beforehand then at least they would not feel let down on the day.
  10. SuperGirl

    Last Post Wins?

    I think I shall have to claim the rights to winning this one *winks* (((Oh what i would give to be able to lock this topic for an hour or two *laughs evily*)))
  11. I rememeber the first time I went. It was because a friend of my BF's wanted an autograph of someone who was there. We spent all day waiting to get this autograph and although thats basically all i remember doing there was a great buzz to it that kind of put you into the mood. CM8 was the first time I have gone properly and thought that because i was there because i wanted to be that buzz would be bigger but it didnt seem to be. It was as though there was more of a bad atmosphere with some of the people that were there. I did notice at one point that there seemed to be more notices up above some of the guests saying no pictures, then there were guests allowing photos. This to me seems a shame. I would have thought that would have wanted to let thier fans have something more personal and although i know there is always the time factor there were some whos queues were limited and were still a bit blah at having thier photo taken. I know that if i go and see someone i would like to have a picture of them and myself. Or even just of them that I have taken, just as something to remember the day a bit better by. Anyway, that is all i can really say as this was the first one i have been to properly - and loved every minute of it, even if it did seem as though there wasnt quite so much of a buzz in the atmosphere. SG
  12. w00t. I have a friend who is sooo in love with this guy that she even has pictures of him all over her walls. Will be getting her an autograph if I can get to the convention. I think she may love me forever then (not that she doesnt already) Come to think of it, I wouldnt mind meeting him.....ohhh....its going to be soo cool. Now what to dress up as...lol SG
  13. Anna Paquin (Rogue) Tom Welling Id be happy then lol SG
  14. Tom Welling I agree - totally should be bought to England - Especially if it is to MK! SG
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