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  1. oooh, really. Thank you, i'll go have a look.
  2. can anyone help me. I've been trawling the internet but it turns out i'm pants at searching. I'm trying to find out when the premiere is and who is going to be there, and times, and stuff, and anything else anyone knows about it. Can someone please help me?
  3. Jestive


    I agree with a couple of your points and disagree with others (as is the nature of life) but I wanted to comment on this particular bit. I remember you wanted to crew the last Collectormania and if I remember right you did actually crew the last LFCC (forgive me if I am wrong). If you think alot of the crew are annoying and up themselves why on Earth did you want to work with them? Surely we can't be that bad if you want to join us 878009[/snapback] Well there are enough crew members to be able to avoid the ones that are annoying, although they're usually only annoying to the public, and not other crew. Plus if people who have good customer experience get put off by the ones without then it would never get any better! :) EDIT: I only crewed once at LFCC2, not at the last one.
  4. Jestive


    Good point there with the signing event, although I've never really gone for the signing. I don't think I'll go again as a member of the public, I'd rather crew the event. Then, as you say, you get to see the enjoyment of other people. Although I've only crewed once for LFCC2 I enjoyed that far more than either of the events I've been to since. Maybe that's the problem, one crewing experience and going as a 'customer' is ruined forever!
  5. This is really just my general thoughts on Collectormanias of the past. I still remember the excitement I felt about going to my first Collectormania, C4. We went for the sole purpose of meeting Iyari, and we were not disappointed in the slightest. We also had the chance to meet many other guests and generally had a really fun weekend. I've been to every Collectormania since and every time I have less and less fun. Maybe it's because by the time the event actually arrives there are only one or two people I actually want to meet. This time I felt so disillusioned that I only met one person, Summer Glau, and I hadn't intended to meet her when going! I decided against meeting Andy Hallett after the Buffy/ Angel talk, I just figured he wasn't worth it, although it was quite funny watching him during the talk. Maybe it's because the first time is always the best, because you don't know what to expect, and you enjoy the atmosphere more. Maybe it's because you aren't allowed to take photos of half the guests, and if crew even see a camera they jump down your throat (not all the time but I've had that experience). I need photos, I take pictures of everything, my camera practically lives in my bag, and to have the ability to capture the excitement I feel at meeting a guest taken away from me means I'd rather not pay the money to even bother. Maybe it's because I don't pay money for the autograph, I pay money to be able to say hi to the guest and maybe have a short conversation (if I can get words out, I'm not very good with nerves. I can sit next to a guest for a whole day and chat, but going up for an autograph my heart starts to race, silly) and with the more popular guests I've felt herded through the queue and barely even made eye contact I was rushed through so quickly (I'm particularly remembering the first time I met Nicholas Brenden (C6?) and meeting Tony Head and Alexis Denisof at C7, although both managed to be lovely in the brief seconds I saw them). So for me, it's not always worth it. Maybe it's because I find a lot of the crew members annoying, up themselves, and displaying such a lack of customer service I wonder why they're allowed contact with the public (I work in customer service and I'm good at it, it's not difficult), but this could be to do with the age of some. Trying not to be nasty because I've met lovely crew members who are brilliant at what they do, but still, some... Anyway, i'll stop now as I could carry on thinking about it all day and then I'd never get out of the office. Does anyone else have thoughts on the matter, preferably constructive? On a side note, I'm going to see Common Rotation this evening, anyone else going?
  6. Good point, I finish at 5 but it takes me an hour to get back into London. What time would people recommend getting there? I've only just moved to London so I've never done this before. *excited*
  7. Jestive


    Ah, now I managed to plan my move for the weekend before so not only can I still go to C8, but I also have less travelling to do it! Hurrah!
  8. Jestive

    Crewing e-mails

    *stops checking emails every 5 seconds*
  9. Jestive

    Crewing e-mails

    I sent mine twice, with a slight alteration and going to the right address the second time. Just wondering if you know when you'll be finalising things and letting us know if we're crewing or not. I'm not trying to rush you I just would find it helpful to know when I'll know....er...yes. Thanks! PS. Oh, also I probably won't need accomodation help now, i'm taking other people with me who aren't crew type peeps so it's probably easier if I organise it myself. Sorry!
  10. Hetty Wainthropp Investigates
  11. I do think Charlie is a great character, I hate say yeah I really like Dominic in case people get the wrong idea and think I fancy him. He's really not attractive. I just love his character, and especially the way he interacts with Claire.
  12. I don't care how many topics there might be other than this (i've not checked, sorry for those who mind about these things) Lost is worth it. Any or as many of the Lost cast as possible at C8 would be so absolutely fantastic. Especially if it were Evangeline Lilly and Emilie de Ravin. For anyone who hasn't seen it, it starts on Channel 4 on the 10th August at 10pm. If anyone who watches at least 3 episodes doesn't get hooked then I'll, umm, eat my hat. Or maybe just nibble on it a bit. But watch it, it's fantastic.
  13. Oooh, I live in Exeter! I would be wanting to do the whole weekend tho, tried doing C7 in one day, driving up there in the morning. Not a good plan, I needed to be there way earlier and didn't get to meet the main guest I wanted to. I did get to look round the shops tho. :)
  14. I thought the talk was good, the guys were brilliant and very very funny, but the venue was appalling for that kind of thing, and not very well organised by the looks of it. Having somewhere that long and thin is not great, somewhere wider but with the same amount of space would be nice for next time please! But the guests you can't fault, they made me laugh and laugh, and I'm still remembering bits of it and then chuckling to myself.
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