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  1. Wow, great guest, thank you, i really hope i can go to this now!
  2. At Radio1 he signed someones Buffy/Angel set and seemed fine with it :-) In the interview on Radio 1 he said he would do a buffy or angel movie if Joss was 100% commited and the script was right, theres still hope for that. Oh, well, that's good he will still sign Buffy/Angel. He's obv got over the not signing stuff phase if he ever had one! xxxx When i met him he signed Buffy/Angel stuff but that was 5 yrs ago? Half the time stuff is just made up anyway!
  3. MMmmmmm nice picture, what was he like yesterday?
  4. I have a feeling once you start watching them, you will want to see them all anyway? What a bargain aswell, £8!
  5. I just got mine too, i got Edward, i didnt realise there was different ones? Cool!
  6. Fab guest announcement, Nathan is one of the nicest guests ive ever met, no one will be disappointed! Thanks SM!
  7. Luckily my friend isnt bothered about the postcards so ive kept them with the Edward cover aswell!
  8. I dont know how i feel now? Ive kind of got used to the idea that we probably wouldnt ever get one, i hope we do some day but i wont get my hopes up just yet? Not sure how i feel about the mother storyline but then it could work? It would have to be a really knockout storyline tho for anyone important to be involved?
  9. Got mine, i ordered from PLAY and from HMV and both arrived this morning, not both for me, one is a present, just got to decide what one i want tho, the one with postcards or the Edward cover, i want them both, lol!
  10. I know when i took my daughter a couple of years back, she had to have an early bird ticket the same as me to get in early, so i dont know if things have changed at all? I think the child rate only applies to standard tickets going in at the normal times?
  11. So sad and tragic, Andy was such a great actor and in some of my most favourite episodes of Angel and so lovely to meet! RIP Andy you will never be forgotten!
  12. Im so happy right now, i cant go to weekend conventions because of family commitments so i am so pleased you have added Peter to LFCC, thank you so much, more Twilight guests please!
  13. An obvious choice maybe but i still love Goodbye to you by Michelle Branch, it still makes me sad when i watch the scene where Willow and Tara have broken up!
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