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  1. He would be great wouldn't he!
  2. Dont call me crazy, I honestly think he may be willing to do one of these events. He has these new books out which can be found at www.thecampaignbook.com He did an event in Chicago yesterday I believe in which he was signing books and taking pictures with everyone! I personally would love to meet the guy.
  3. Damn! This is awesome!! Gotta get my holiday out of the way first then I can think about getting my ticket for this. Nice one!
  4. I second this.. 'You can do it', Showmasters. Bring Schneider to an event please!
  5. Fringe has been one of my favourite shows in recent years would love to meet some of the cast!
  6. Seth recently this year started doing alot more USA based conventions.. so hopefuly someone other this side of the pond will get him too! Completely agree on Marc and Michelle, both awsome ones id love to meet! Right there with ya Sazzy Seth Green would be awesome If they could get Seth, that would be insane!! I remember seeing a tweet of his earlier this year where someone asked if he had a UK con/signing appearance set up and he said not yet but hopefully soon. My number 1 guest would have to be Nathan Fillion. Legend!
  7. YES! Would be a great guest Showmasters! He would bring in a lot of people! Not sure if you heard about the signing he did at Hmv Oxford Circus? The biggest signing event they have had at their store, he had more people turn up to meet him than what Justin Bieber, Lady GaGa did. I was lucky enough to meet him there, great guy who has a lot of time for his fans!
  8. I think Breckin would make a pretty sweet guest if you could get him Showmasters! Would be awesome to meet him.
  9. Hopefully going to attend this year, missed last year because of money but have the time off for this years and want to go.. Forum Name - CPFC1905 Real Name - Simon Age/Location - 20, Sussex. What Ticket have you got/getting? Hopefully gonna grab myself a silver pass this time, VIP would be nice but too expensive. ha Most wanted guest for Hallowhedon 3?? Probs Nathan Fillion, Met him a while ago at a CM and he seemed the coolest of most guests ive met at an event, he actually wanted to talk. So would be cool to have him over again. Michelle Trachtenberg would be awesome too!! Amy Acker, Alexis and Alyson and Vinnie Kartheiser would be alright too.. of course Sarah and Dave, Joss. Hotel? - Not sure yet. Facebook/ - http://www.facebook.com/#!/simon.tree2 Favourite Movie? Remember the Titans, Rocky, A Guide to Recogising your Saints, Good Will Hunting. Favourite Other TV Show? Fringe, Angry Boys, Castle, Franklin and Bash, South Park. Favourite Music? Rock, Rap, Soul... The Gaslight Anthem gets constant play by me, great stuff. Photo?:
  10. FINGERS CROSSED IT'S NOT A DOCTOR WHO OR HARRY POTTER STAR Looking forward to seeing who it is either way!!
  11. Please could you try and get this guy to an event SM? His new show started on BBC3 last night and is just as hilarious as the other ones he has made! I don't think there is anyone I would want to meet more than this guy(apart from Trey Parker and Matt Stone). Absolute genius!
  12. Some people are saying they wouldn't pay it but I'd more than happily pay £55 to meet Hayden Christensen!
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