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  1. For general information on what to expect at the convention, go to the How Things Work section of the site. As for your age, don't worry about that, I have seen everything from new born babies to old age pensioners and everything in between. Conventions are the definition and origin of the word "diversity", everyone is welcome and welcomed, no matter age, colour, religion, race, sexuality, dress sense! Come as you are, and accept everyone (including the actors) for who they are, and you will have a brilliant time. Don't be afraid to talk to anyone (including the actors), remember you have at least one thing in common with everyone else there and you will come away with a whole new family (and an irresistable urge to book lots more conventions).
  2. That's cool and thanks, but it wasn't me she was after :)
  3. I am always for J. He's delicious.
  4. Glad to see you've gone with a table setting for the meet and greet. I think this makes it much more relaxed and gives people a fairer chance of speaking with the guests. Thanks for listening.
  5. If I can make it down on the Thursday night this year then I will definitely come. Although after this year's Friday drinking antics, maybe it's not such a good idea. But I guess at least this way I will have actually had some food to soak up all the alcohol. Free wine's a (beautiful) bitch!
  6. That's what alcoholics do! :) seriously though, what counts as alcoholism in the states and what alcohlism is in the UK are two different things. People go in rehab if they just had a wild night out that lasted a weekend in the states. He didn't look like an alcoholic to me. Just a guy who likes a drink.
  7. thanks for replying. I've sent you a friend request. Lovely pic with Nick. :) x
  8. On my way to the Thistle I met some lovely people on the Hoppa bus who I then only caught up with briefly a couple of times during the weekend and we never swapped contact details. One was Robin, then there was a French girl I think Charlaine or Charmaine, and two drama students who I never got names of (or possibly have just forgotton, sorry). If you are any of those people I'd love to keep in touch. I'm on Twitter at www.twitter.com/cidergirli Or I am Cider Girli on Facebook.
  9. From the Terms and Conditions
  10. Also the guests will have their own more up to date publicity shots that they could send over to be printed up. I think there would have been plenty of space to have a table set up either outside the hall before you go in or in the hall (maybe up on the stage) where photos could have been sold. Something to consider for future events perhaps as an option for those who don't have a personal item to get signed.
  11. That's kinda what I meant - you buy a picture the price of which includes an autograph. Or you pay for an autograph and you can choose to have your own item signed a choose from a range of pics. Either way, every other event (SM or otherwise) that I have been to there have been a range of 10 x 8s available to get signed.
  12. Taking pictures of yourselves and your friends at the parties is fine. Filming/taking pictures of the guests not so much. It was specifically mentioned at the opening ceremony not to. The guests won't come and relax and party with us if they find their drunken antics all over the Internet. We're very fortunate to have the opportunity to party with these guys. Why spoil it?
  13. Maybe a solution to that would be to get the guest to bring their own publicity shots, that you can buy to have autographed the same way that they do at Collectormania, LFCC etc (or at least they did last time I went to one which was some time ago). I noticed James Marsters had brought a lot of stuff that you could buy, but none of the other guests had. Many of the 10 x 8's in the dealer's room are not official merchandise, just scans that they have had printed themselves.
  14. I agree with all your points but could you do me (and everyone else buying a gold ticket) a favour and delete the mention of the specific other convention organiser so your post does not get deleted. I would hate for your valid points to go unheard because you were breaking a small rule. Both ME and the other convention organiser ask that you do not discuss other events specifically on their forums. It's not because they hate each other but they are business rivals and it would be kinda like saying how great Burger King is on a McDonalds forum :)
  15. I too was disappointed that there weren't any guests from outside of the Buffyverse. But to be fair to SM/ME I don't think they ever intended it to be a Buffy/Angel only convention, it just comes down to who is available. Dollhouse is difficult because the show is currently still filming, and most of the Firefly/Serenity and Dr. Horrible actors are also working, so it's harder to get them. Also there was 7 years of Buffy and 5 of Angel, so a lot more scope to get guests from those shows than the 1 season of Firefly and 2 of Dollhouse.
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