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  1. gemma85

    Dates of B3?

    Thanks ever so much, greatly appreciated. :)
  2. gemma85

    Dates of B3?

    Hi, I know tickets for Bitten 3 went on sale at the weekend and will be online shortly but are there dates confirmed for B3 and if there are, could someone be kind enough to tell me. Also, if there is any info on hotel details...I know I might be getting a bit ahead of myself, but I was just curious. Thanks in advance :)
  3. gemma85

    Emergency last minute ?

    Thanks so much for the help. :)
  4. gemma85

    Emergency last minute ?

    Due to a change in our personal circumstances, we may have to leave after the sunday photo sessions. I was wondering if photos can be mailed out after the con as we wouldn't be there to collect them in the after noon. Any help would be much appreciated! :)
  5. gemma85

    Do you need to be a fan?

    BUFFY, BUFFY, BUFFY! Start with buffy...its the show that started it all, that made Joss Whedon a house hold name and without that, would not have led onto Angel, Firefly, Serenity or Dollhouse. Buffy IS Joss and in my honest opinion is his best work, the best introduction into the Whedon world is Buffy.
  6. Is it me or does he look a lot like Thomas Jane???
  7. gemma85

    latest Guest Announcement - ALEX WINTER

    ....... This is without a doubt, one of THE best guest announcements....EVER !!!!!!!!! We seriously cannot believe that Alex has been announced.........OMFG, its just amazing. My sis has been in with him forever so needless to say she is quite happy.... nice one SM .
  8. gemma85

    Introduce Yourself

    NAME: Gemma & Carly Williams AGE: 26 & 28 LOCATION: Hornchurch, Essex TICKET TYPE: Golds 8 & 9 bought at B1...the lowest golds we've ever had
  9. gemma85

    Just bought tickets

    Me and my sis bought Golds 8 & 9 at last years Bitten....can't wait!!!
  10. gemma85

    Season 4....

  11. gemma85

    Bitten 2: Season 4 Discussions at the Con?

    Considering that season 4 would not have shown in its entirety by the time the con rolls around either here or in the US, personally don't really see what all the hoopla is about having to discuss it. The actors at a push will only discuss what so far would have aired stateside anyway. Plus like someone else has previously mentioned, only two of the guests attending are in season 4, so with only two of five guests able to talk about period it, is it really gunna make that much of a difference if it turns out that M.E won't allow season 4 talk? It would, however make a difference to those who haven't seen anything of season 4? This very issue has arisen for ET6 because the guests can't talk about the new film because it wouldn't have been released yet and 90 percent of the current guest line up have only appeared in the new film. We have been told that we can talk about behind the scenes stories and their other work, this applies to bitten 2 aswell. In fact attendees for bitten have it better than attendees for ET6 because at least we would have seen all the cast in action therefore they will have plenty to talk about, its just down to us ask to submit good\sensible questions. At least they will have something to talk about? As for having the end of talks reserved for S4 related questions, its gunna be a bit of nuisance having people get up and leave to avoid spoilers all for 10 mins only to have to come back in again for the auction or something. Finally, its not the smartest thing to broadcast to the guests that everyone has been downloading it...after all it is illegal and can put them in a very awkward position, could have a never impact on SM\ME and could result in the cast not wanting to attend future SM\ME events.
  12. gemma85

    Latest Guest Announcement - MARSHALL ALLMAN

    Or what about the vamp loving girls who also like girls!!! We got one to feast our eyes on lol, better than none. Here here...well said!!
  13. gemma85

    Bitten 2: Season 4 Discussions at the Con?

    Agree!! Don't think its right to imply that you are any less of a fan just because you don't download it, which is how it comes across, this is not the case. TBH those who have downloaded have chosen to do, so it's a little unfair to penalise those who haven't through whatever reason, which is what would happen by having to miss out on any talk time whether it be at the the end or otherwise. Everybody has paid the same amount of money and therefore are entitled to the full amount of all the weekend activities. People are not any less of a fan if they haven't downloaded, their reason's for not doing so, whatever they are, should be respected. And at the end of the day, if we get really technical about it , downloading can have a negative impact on the show itself....and we all know how dangerous that can be!! Even the guests last year picked up on it . Also, to play devils advocate , people came on the forum asking not to post spoilers about the books, how is this any different?! Anyway, thats our thoughts.
  14. gemma85

    2 More Guests to announce on Thursday @5pm

    Oh this soooooo majorly exciting ....cant believe we've had to wait basically a year for Bitten 2 to roll around but i have this feeling its gunna be AWESOME !!!!!!!!! Cant wait to see wo the 2 guests are....I think i would scream a little if Nelsan or Deborah was announced!! Whoever they are though, we cant wait!!!!
  15. gemma85


    I think it just needs to be reiterated here that from what we can tell, most people and certainly as far as myself & sister are concerned, the problem or issue has nothing to do with "smaller" guests!! I think the point many are trying to make has gotten a little lost a long the way. The worry here is not the lack of screen time their character has within the saga....but rather more the fact that come the time of the con, the films would not yet have been released and the guests legally will not be able to talk about them. We can only ask so many questions about this, that and the other but what is the point of having guests at a con when most of them can't talk about the reason they are there in the first place? We all know that Cullens are more expensive to get, that Twi actors are getting harder to secure and all the other things we are told time and time again & that you can never please everybody...obviously there will always be some people who "want their cake and it eat" but they are the minority and I just hope we all dont get tarred with the same brush. It is true that many folk wanted a "big" guest and as a result of that would mean slightly smaller amount of guests, we all knew that, most accepted it & is not the problem. Bring all the "smaller" guest's you want along with that one "big" guest, but surely it would have been more helpful to have smaller guests that can tell us about the work they have done? TBH, we was not aware of Kellans reputation for cancelling, though i'm sure ME rather we didnt focus on that, as it hasn't happened to us yet but you have to be realistic. If he is known for pulling out, it poses more of a potential issue when it comes to the remainder of the guests and one that shouldnt be overlooked. (Not saying ME will:) ) P:S just wanted to add, we did not buy our tix's solely for kellan though he was a draw. We bought them because we want to meet cast from the films... any & all cast but ideally would like to have seen them in action just a little first