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  1. Agreed, whilst great thanks for getting them for what was a funny and enlightening look into their family dynamic, I was so disappointed the talk was cut by a third, no explanation, no one letting us know why we waited outside for an hour in the queues. If we only paid for 2/3's for a photo shoot or autograph there would be an issue from Showmasters but it seems different when the situation is the other way around. There was enough representation from the organizers in the room for an explanation or apology or something. I know things are hectic at events but that's not an excuse. The room had been vacated after the Ian Whyte talk ended at 6.00pm so presumably not an issue, it was either guest delayed due to extended photo shoots, in which case not enough time has been allocated or guests were taking a break after the photo/signing obligations and again not enough time factored in. Did anyone see the elusive prints? I walked out with a large group and none of us received or saw anything, but if there was a photo available, would it have taken long for a member of staff to inform the audience where to collect them from on their way out. Or if it was a guest delay could they not have been given out on the way in? The people I spoke to seemed a little peeved that we had been short changed/timed and this may have clouded the photo pick up but these are lessons that need to be addressed at some point. I had a great day and think this is my eleventh LFCC in a row, in what is becoming an annual pilgrimage but cant help feeling a little short changed. Same, are Showmasters going to post them as way of compensating the audience for the missing segment, would be a nice gesture.
  2. Very sad news and I was gutted he didn't make it to the NEC earlier this year but this probably explains why he couldn't attend, and the above post is so true.
  3. WHAT THE HELL WENT WRONG WITH THIS TODAY Had a good day but very dissappointed with the auction ( again), its one of the major reasons i went today but the BTTF auction for all the props mentioned was non existant.
  4. Hi and sorry if this has already been answered but where and when is the Back to the Future auction or is it just with the normal auction on Saturday
  5. Auction was the worst one i have been to, it was just Twilight t shirts, Twilight signitures, Twilight mugs, Twilight script , Twilight baseball , another spider from arachnophobia and a handful of random Dr Who and star trek sigs. I dont think proceedings were helped by Bill Shatners talk over running but needs to improve for collectormania London and Jasons auctioneering skills. LOL
  6. phew ... i thought it might be Brian
  7. No worries Jason, will just have to wait and see what sunday afternoon brings Jay
  8. SM any chance of a list of some of the items that will be up for auction like we had last year? Are there any movie props or exciting signitures .
  9. Not taking sides but i think that showmasters guest prices are slightly lower than other certain event managment prices . The 1 example that that stands out is Alan Harris, who played Bossk in ESB. £10 twice last year at showmasters events...... then £15 in march... not saying where but you get my drift There are plenty of £10 guests if you dont have the biggest of budgets and a couple of whoppers if you fancy splashing out. at the end of the day you dont HAVE to get the signatures and its like anything else in life you have to limt yourself to within your means... i would bloody love a porsche but am stuck with a vectra and as for the Parents who end up paying thing, well i try and give my kids as much a i can but if they wanted the latest iphone everytime one came out i'd be broke. i have a budget like most and you just have to stick to it...Mike i'm coming to see you baby but not this time Mr Shatner
  10. any idea sm we are all waiting and hoping for saturday
  11. American werewolf in London
  12. ray harry hausen was one of the stars at this years show, how about another model legend... phil tippet
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