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  1. I meet her early sat morning and she was fantastic spoke to her about the dub smash wars with the shield team and she was laughing that she had won, I then handed her my shield poster and she looked at me and said really? So I said well you are the founder and she said damm right and laughed! So my experience was brilliant. In fact I'm a little in love! ☺
  2. Just came back from another event that was over priced and the autograph side was really badly organised, however that had some great guests. Please please can we have more Shield Arrow etc love showmaster the most out of all the different shows
  3. Would love to see Natalie Dormer as she cancelled before
  4. 2 Sarah Conners 1 show who would win... there's only one way to find out....................FIGHT!!! :chair:
  5. hi i have been trying to get on the LFCC web page to show a friend but it doesnt want to load, its been like this for a while, anyone else having problems ? http://www.londonfilmandcomiccon.com/
  6. Please please please can we have Philip glenister as well with a duel photo shoot!!!
  7. bet its Robert Englund! he usually is the first guest for new events
  8. Would love to see Phillip Glenister! The Gene Genie has to come!
  9. agreed, as much as i like doctor who and star wars what i love is the randomness of the guests!
  10. Def agree about the directors, would be great to get them involved as well.
  11. my wife had her photo taken with joel and he had his arm round her and nothing was said at all!
  12. would love to meet anyone from Alias, i know its an older show now but it still stands the test of time, and it has Jennifer Garner and Mellissa George in it!!!
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