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  1. Sam Jones and Brian Blessed ! Gordons alive???
  2. I have been to every one in Glasgow. Sadly this will be my last as I'm emigrating to New Zealand in November.
  3. Peter Capaldi introduce the new doctor to the public in his home town!!!
  4. I always get there early. Just last year couldn't find any !
  5. Hi folks. Dave Prowse says he's coming to CMG this year on his site. Is this correct ?
  6. Hey any vintage SW dealers attending this year??? I hope so as there was none last year!!!!
  7. Cool guest! He is actually Patrick Troughton's grandson too!!!!
  8. I had a great time yesterday! Bought some Star trek TMP vintage carded figures, prop original series phaser, communicator and tricorder; some Star Wars lithographs and a couple of autographs! Looking forward to next year!!!!
  9. I am sick of people moaning on this site. I love CMG and don't go simply for guests... It is a great event and we are really lucky to have a weekend in Scotland! I will continue to support it every year. Jason does a fantastic job and we should ALL continue to support the show!!!!
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