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  1. I got thinking could it be The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising or Legend of the Seeker???
  2. Also that same weekend theres an event on the sunday at earls court so thats how i wouldnt be confused lol
  3. Awwwwww always look forward to going to manchester had so much fun last time when i met robert englund well looks like my signing events are over i cant really afford any cons or signing events at the mo cross fingers it happens next year.
  4. will the prices of the photo tickets be the same on the weekend of the con?
  5. I thought Gareth David Lloyd & Louise Delamere photo tickets are £10 each but on the online store it says £8.51.
  6. received my letter but there was no tickets is the letter the ticket with your ticket number?
  7. Been on the online store doesnt say anything about day tickets.
  8. I read in a tv mag that it starts next month.
  9. I bought, Lance Henriksen auto x1 Kristine Sutherland auto x1 Malcolm McDowell auto x1 Adrian Pasdar auto x1 Peter Davison auto x1 Adrian Pasdar shoot x1 James Marsters shoot x1 And Season 1 & 2 Supernatural trading cards
  10. Hey David, Dont know if you remember me but i was prob the last few to see Adrian on the sunday i was kinda nervous and came out with the most sarcastic remark feel horrible for saying it but it was funny, i had a small brown leather journal and adrian asked me if it was my diary then i came out saying thats just a scribble heehee i went bright red then he got me to sign on a flyer 5 times heehee. Brilliant!!!
  11. you will get your stuff back theres always a person there to look after everyones belongings so i wouldnt worry.
  12. last year they had a cloakroom just as you walk in the entrance its on your right, they give you a ticket with a number on so they can find your belongings.
  13. But do have to warn you about the tv's in the rooms they are crap their all snowy did try to get one of the night staff to sort it out but she couldnt get a good picture then after trying for nearly an hour she tells me that their all like that in every room lol but its ok if your only there the one night i surpose.
  14. Theres the Walkabout hotel thats about a 20 min walk from the gmex and its cheap they do dorm rooms where you can share with other people for £20 per a night and they do double and family rooms but they cost £50 and £60 it as gone up since last year when i went was just £40 for a double room. heres the link, http://www.walkabout.eu.com/010/MANC/intro.html# its best to book online you get the cheaper rate also it can be abit noisey cos the hotel is right beside the walkabout austrailan bar but that didnt bother me still dropped off to sleep lol and theres a small tescos next to it too.
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