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  1. KrazyKid197

    Event Feedback

    Sadly, the price / selection of food at these events will always be outrageous and is nothing to do with SM. I feel your pain because while I'm not vegetarian, I need to follow a wheat/gluten free diet (as does at least 1% of the population) and am allergic to the four things you've just mentioned! My advice is always to take your own food. Then you know what it costs and that you'll get something you like. I've tried experimenting with bento to get around the allergy issue but sandwiches are quick, cheap and easy. :)
  2. KrazyKid197

    Law & Order UK

    I'm really enjoying it! Procedural shows are so not my thing (the lab sections always make me cringe) but this really works for me. I'm sure lawyers cringe when watching it but thankfully I don't know much about what goes on inside a courtroom!
  3. KrazyKid197


    The Eagle. :)
  4. KrazyKid197

    Torchwood - Miracle Day

    Hey! Goodlooking people p*ssing about in labs can be fun. Or it would be if any of them acted like they'd ever worked in a lab before. CSI just pains me, and Bones is even worse. As for Miracle Day, I'm not sure my feelings on it as a Torchwood Show yet but I am enjoying the plot. Curious to see where it's going. My big bugbear is Rex. Not sure if it's the writing or Mekhi Phifer (I did like him in ER) but he's very one dimensional and a complete jerk.
  5. KrazyKid197

    Love at Conventions

    I doubt it! Might just be me but I find a higher number of ladies that like ladies at SF/fantasy/cult events than I do anywhere else. I've met more than one GF that way. Can't say the relationships were overly successful but they happen! Though, just to make sure - you could try taking your life into your hands and persuading SM to run an L-word event.
  6. KrazyKid197

    Matt Smith...Sexy or Not?

    My sentiments exacty! And it's not just because I tend to prefer the ladies. I don't see what people see in him. Don't watch Doctor Who but Matt Smith was SDCG and he was awful. Each to their own I guess. I get my pretty actor fix from Merlin instead.
  7. KrazyKid197

    Matt Smith...Sexy or Not?

    No. Just no.
  8. KrazyKid197

    Thank you

    You're welcome. :) Looking after you is definitely a job I'll miss!
  9. KrazyKid197

    Gold Pass

    It's all in the FAQ section but no. For autos: it allows you to join the back of any queue without a VT - saves you having to rush for the big guests. You still need to pay. For photos: You can join the front of any photoshoot queue regardless of your ticket number (and yes, you still have to pay). For talks: I don't know about the paid talks (I think they're included, but not sure) but in the free talks the first couple of rows are reserved for gold pass holders.
  10. KrazyKid197

    bad experiences

    You shouldn't have been asked to pay postage. If an attendee has to leave early and won't be around when the photoshoots return then they need to pay postage (as that's the indvidual's decision). If the photos are not back by the end of the event (5pm Sunday) then the show covers the costs for not getting the photos back in time. Your post says you filled in a form after 4.40pm and the photos weren't back until after 5pm. Glad that the photoshoots ran ok for you! As for the autos... sometimes it happens. (I was at an event in the US last year. We arrived for a panel at 6.30am. At 7.30am they closed the queue for it. The panel didn't start until 10.30am and the hall sat 2000 people. You can't always predict).
  11. KrazyKid197

    bad experiences

    The Christopher Lloyd photoshoot actually only started 5 mins late (I was the girl just before the Delorean - getting people to stand on the silver line). But since there were 400 odd tickets sold and a finite amount of time to get them done in the shoot was always going to be that way. It's not particularly fun (for us either, trust me on that. My legs and back ache so much today) but I'm not sure how else it can be done to fit everyone in without spending infinitely more time in the photoshoot. (And the crewmember in question was doing precisely what she'd been briefed to do by the photographer). As for the autos? Well it's linked to the previous complaint. CL had the Delorean photoshoot, a single photoshoot, I assume a talk (?), and lunch. He's not a young man anymore - it's going to tire him out. Longer in the photoshoots (to get more people through and get the photos they want) means less time signing. There are only a finite number of hours in the day. The guys you're talking about are Matt and Brian C by the way. :)
  12. KrazyKid197

    bad experiences

    It is enough if one printer breaks down. Happened to me once at a smaller event with 300 people. I waited almost three hours until they finally managed to get my photo done. Also I agree on the quality issues. The fading on the photos we get is considerably less noticeable than for the other pictures. It's a nightmare. My event in question had 700 attendees and only two printers. One went and then the other just couldn't cope and collapsed. And they had no contingency. I suspect that SM will know the other print labs in the area if one goes down from when they were looking for the closest. Or you at least have crew spare to go and find another one. Mine from those events are definitely fading.
  13. KrazyKid197

    bad experiences

    This has been discussed several times but there are reasons why SM don't do it (and having worked events where they do I pray that SM never go down that route). Problems - when all printers up and die you are seriously screwed. The ones you can buy that are transportable are not that quick - you're talking 1min or so per picture. Boots etc. are much quicker and much better quality. As for the 800KG photos? How much does SM actually get? I have no idea as to the finances but I'm guessing that some of it is required for: Karen herself, Karen's agent (who I assume gets a percentage of everything), the photographer, the base cost of the photo itself (though this is probably miniscule). By the time you've added in the cost of the extra space rented to have the photoshoots, the security, and the crewmembers (there would have been 5 in each photoshoot) that you need to feed and put up in hotels? I suspect the actual profit for each shot is not high. I have no idea how much those machines would cost but I doubt it goes that far towards it in the end.
  14. I can't speak for other crew members but I only touch photos by the edges. But what I will point out is that this is why we ask (or we do when I'm on photo distribution!) attendees not to grab their own photos. Because you may get yours out without fingerprints but you'll probably mark several by the side of it. Working photo distribution with angry attendees can be hell. And there's no easy way to do it. We tried setting up a queue and walking the attendees round (several years back - at C13) but I had two attendees shout because they didn't want to queue again to pick up their photos. Not sure you can win!
  15. KrazyKid197

    Explanation please...

    Ashley did come to the photoshoot. A few different attempts were made using darker glasses and less flash but it was still causing her discomfort. It wasn't a dislike - she's recovering from eye surgery after an accident. And sadly, a lot of people were not turning the flash off as requested. So there was a lot of shouting at attendees for causing the guest physical pain.