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  1. Guest Suggestions for THIS event.

    Great list! With so many of those living over here in the States, I'll go with a more English list... John Mollo and/or Ron Beck Norman Reynolds Gil Taylor - health permitting Robert Watts - health permitting Leslie Dilley Alan Tomkins Colin Kitchens Ronnie Taylor and/or Geoff Glover Roger Christian (as long as no one mentions Battlefield Earth!)
  2. Guest announcement Colin Skeaping

    Any more word on when he'll be there. I sense a great disturbance in the Force...as if he will no show yet again...
  3. Maisie Williams

    More Game of Thrones guests please!
  4. Monica Keena

    Wow. She might want to raise her standards a wee bit. :)
  5. latest guest announcement - LESLIE SCHOFIELD

    Thank the maker!
  6. More Excellent Bill and Ted Guests

    Al Leong was also in Big Trouble in Little China I think, which would tie in nicely with some previous SM guests. Still hoping they get Dennis Dun to reschedule!
  7. Who are people meeting?

    Cutting back I see Marky. :) Have fun at the show mate...I saddled a few other poor guys with my stuff so you're off the hook this time.
  8. Latest guest announcement - DENIS LAWSON

    Question for Showmasters - we're hearing there will be a 5 item limit for Lawson. If someone has a Gold Pass, will they be able to get 5 each time they go back through the line, or will it be 5 total for the day? If someone could clear this up ASAP it'd be appreciated!! Thanks again for the great guest!
  9. Latest guest announcement - DENIS LAWSON

    I agree 100%! It would be great to get Hagon, Chapman and especially Drewe Henley out for a reunion!
  10. Latest guest announcement - DENIS LAWSON

    AMAZING. What a guest!! I can hear many wallets around the world crying out right about now...
  11. Hey maybe SM are being sneaky and it's in fact a stunt-double who has merely stood in for a certain character(s) who appeared in the OT? Well if that's the case then maybe it's just Colin Skeaping being rescheduled. :)
  12. Holy crap...they did it. They got Lawson. I think I might shed a tear!! Let's not forget Wedge was the only Rebel pilot aside from Luke seen in all three major battles (Yavin, Hoth, Endor). Quite frankly I think Wedge did a heck of a lot more in the grand scheme of the story then some of you are giving him credit for.
  13. Next SW Guest?

    I would love for this to be a big first time OT guest, I'm pretty sure it will end up being Ahmed Best. The newsletter announcement was timed almost exactly with Best signing on with Coolwaters for appearances.
  14. Guest experiences

    He was probably hung over - my buddy got him pretty pissed last night. :)
  15. Post your photos

    Great photos! Katee looks amazing, the cast of "Being Human" seem very warm - and love the Doctor Who shirt. Can't wait to meet Glover when he comes here for Celebration 5 next month!