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    Buzz Auto Pre Order

    Hi There The pre order price for Buzz is £250 It will not change. The price he will charge on the day will probably be less than that for the base price but not by a significant amount. We will not have the images available for viewing but you can specify the type of image you want and i will do my best to match it as close as possible. Dave Phillips
  2. Dave Phillips

    Guest Announcement Julie Stevens

    Next up we have Julie Stevens. Had a great part in Carry on Cleo and has regularly appeared in Avengers and as a childrens T.V presenter.
  3. Dave Phillips

    Guest announcement Colin Skeaping

    Next guest up is Colin Skeaping Stunt Coordinator extraordinaire. Has a huge and impressive cv including Being Mark Hamills stunt double for all 3 star wars movies. Colin has been stunt coordinator on many of T.Vs top shows inc The Bill Midsomer Murders Ultimate force and many many others. I am sure he will be a really interesting man to meet.
  4. Dave Phillips

    Guest announcement Sybil Danning

    Sybil Danning will be joining us for the show. Best known for her roles in Battle beyond the stars and Hercules. She has also appeared in many other roles including Airport 79 and the cult sci fi series V. She is a lovely lady and makes a welcome return to our show after 9 years.
  5. Dave Phillips

    Buzz Auto Pre Order

    Hi There If you pre order from the website i will be dealing with your order personally as i do with all the preorders from the site. It's very safe and a good way of guaranteeing you will get what you want. Dave Phillips
  6. Dave Phillips

    Autographica 18

    Hi There Yes you are correct there are a lot of ups and downs at this hotel. However there are multiple lifts and Disabled visitors are of course welcome. We will make every effort to try and ensure your visit is as hassle free as possible. Dave Phillips
  7. Dave Phillips


    Hi There Tickets are sent out approx 1-2weeks before the event. Dave Phillips
  8. Dave Phillips

    Guest Days and Prices

    No not the final guest list. Far from it. Dave Phillips
  9. Dave Phillips

    Attack pages...?

    Hi Guys We are aware of and working on the problem. We are not aware of any harmful viruses present and it is probably a coding problem. Not everyone is reporting a problem and it only seems to affect some browsers. Let you all know when we have looked into it a bit more. Meantime if you need to contact us use the plastic bone shaped instrument in the corner of your living room. Or for you space fans the saturn 5 shaped telephone which you have nicknamed either Buzz or neil. Safe surfing everyone will keep you updated. Dave
  10. Dave Phillips

    Guest announcement Amanda Barrie

    We are pleased to announce our next guest. Amanda Barrie. Appeared in over 250 episodes of coronation street and starred in two carry on Movies. Carry on Cleo and Carry on Cabby.
  11. Dave Phillips

    latest Guest Announcement - Colonel Buzz Aldrin

    Hello everyone Just to let you all know. I spoke to Buzz's daughter last night and she confirmed his appearance will not be affected. Pricing will also not be affected. Dave Phillips
  12. Dave Phillips

    Preorder photos and photoshoots now available

    Hello everyone Just to confirm. The prices are pre order prices. Show signing prices will be released when we have them confirmed. Dave Phillips
  13. Hello everyone Just to let you all know that you can now order pre order photos and book your photoshoots from the website. Dave Phillips
  14. Dave Phillips

    Guest announcement Stirling Moss

    We are pleased to announce our next guest. Stirling moss. Stirling will be with us for a short time only, day to be confirmed.
  15. Dave Phillips

    Guest announcement Bettine Le Beau

    We are pleased to announce our next guest Bettine Le Beau. Bettine has appeared in the benny hill show, Prisoner and as Professor dents secretary in Dr No.