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  1. Hahaha, same... i've met her 3 times, but its still ike... o.O *SCREAM!!!* Deffo Eves the most exciting for me (: i cant wait
  2. You win a butler for 10 minutes *inserts coin*
  3. As I understand it, you only pay for any nights that aren't between days you're working, (so working all day Sat and Sun then SM would pay for the Sat night) You've got it right. However, if you worked all day Saturday and Sunday and wanted to stay Friday night and Sunday night as well as Saturday, you would have to pay for Friday and Sunday nights. When the hotel has been booked, you'll get an e-mail telling you which hotel it is, who your roomie will be and - if you have asked for a room for any nights that SM are not paying for - which nights you need to pay for, how much it will be and who you should pay. Hope that all makes sense. Correct. If you ask for a night NOT covered by SM you'll pay for that only. You don't pay for the night(s) SM cover. Thanks :)
  4. Normally i have school to consider, but the hub is right in the middle of half term I should be turning up around 3-4ish hopefully, whereas normally its not till around 6-7 because i can't leave till 4-5 xD Yaaaay! Can't wait!
  5. Hi, sorry, im new to this... in the email it says: Hotel nights requested and booked for you but not paid for by Showmasters are required to be paid for no later than the start of your first shift. The cost of these extra nights will be confirmed when you get your confirmation e-mail and are asked to confirm your hotel requirements. It is usually between £20 and £30 per person per night. does this mean you pay for any nights you need to stay (for example, saturday night, working saturday and sunday full days, you would have to pay) or you just pay for nights showmasters wont cover? Thanks x
  6. Great themes, especially the saturday.. makes me wish i was gunna be there saturday night even more unfortunately i cant be...
  7. 40 days! its one month and en extra 9 days..... themes would be nice...
  8. Screw it, I'm buying my costumes. Twisted fairytale for one night, Torchwood India for another, and the usual 'night out in Cardiff' for Sunday. They're really good themes, especially the first one, thats amazing!! I hope they have a good theme for Friday, as I can't make it to the saturday talks or parties, because im going home saturday afternoon/evening for my cousins 21st meal and party lol. Im coming back for sunday though >.< I think showmasters take so long because they try to think of good themes, but theres more than enough on the forum!! although they do have to think of decorations/activities for at the party, but an hours brain-storming could do that. Please soon?
  9. That will be so awesome if you manage to finish it everyone will love you x] lol
  10. I very much like that idea..... *puts torchwood on*
  11. I'm with you ;D x i just love the dance moves where everyone joins in, the only bad thing is that once one dance song comes on, they keep on going for about 5 or 6 songs (which i do love) but then by the end of them you collapse, and you end up sweating loads lmao xD
  12. xD i love funny face photos. The best thing to do (me and a few ofmy friends did this at the last hub loads on the sunday waiting for the party) get a non-blur camera, then shake/wobble/move your head/face side to side really fast so your going 'uuuuuurrrrruuurrruurrrrurrrrr' and then take a picture, if that makes sense.....
  13. Yeah, I only linked to that one cos it was in someone's gallery you might not have been able to see. I just found another but I am in front and look HORRIBLE so it shall be for no one's eyes. Haha, lol, can't be as bad as i looked that night!! What the hell was I wearing!? My wardrobe normally consists of t-shirts and skinny jeans..... thats like IT Oh, but recently I did buy some Zombie Heels!! which i'm in complete love with They might make a guest appearance at thue hub EDIT: oh, and i like NEVER (hehe, thats your name x]) tie my hair up.... o.O
  14. Thanks Oh i look so awful...... lol xD This link just leads to one photo on the internet, I cant see the others, only this one :/
  15. Rob quite clearly can apparently. Yes, yes he can.... I just love it though xD
  16. ahahahaaa, just cant get enough of star trekkin'......
  17. Yes... o_O Except mines more "OMG! guess what! I've met them!! Did you know i've met them!! And i hugged them!" lol, i think a may get a bit over-excited xD Ahahaa, yeah x] "not them, not them, not them, keep looking..... THEM!"
  18. You win a laughing monkey *INSERTS COIN*
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