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  1. im still going with coming as castiel got everythink i need now only thing i cant do is the wings what i was thinking of doing shame
  2. lordy


    im not sure what one im doing yet but its out of adam the gentlemen or my favourite what im looking into antony heads repo man from the film of the same name but not sure yet
  3. i got outbided by the guy who played the young bobba fett in starwars lol
  4. i was hoping tim allen was coming to this as i wanted him to sign my orignal buzz lightyear as i allready have the woody signed by tom hanks
  5. great guest announcement i actually bumped into her a couple of weeks ago near the theater she was very nice
  6. witch one of the 6 is this one because i know there are 6 different ones
  7. still evil clown all the way for me ha ha ha ha
  8. these is great i got the other 2 a few weeks ago and only need him to complete the group shot hooray
  9. im starting to think of doing a different idea for the ball now trying to look into it at the moment
  10. AWESOME, Can meet him, Danny and Robert then. Need to buy a large cast photo. Any ideas best places? you best bet for a cast shot is if mark is there the guy who has the canvases he has some good ones at the better then life con so maybe he will bring some with him
  11. For the metal bits I would do a papier mashe cast of the areas you want things to go, i would advise putting vasaline on those areas so that you can get it off again and when you have your cast, build them up with wires and foil and silver paint, it's amazing what you can do, also light weight so won't be too bad to wear and when you do wear it i would advise using a bit of liquid latex but remember - shave off the body hair or you will be swearing for a week when you rip all the hair off. lol and for the face and hands i would visit a web site called www.reelmagik.com and he can do custome orders for latex face masks. He's really good I've used him before, and he will give advice for free. And for the rest of the body either papier mashe/lots of green make-up or liquid latex with latex putty underneath for texture - you may need help putting it on. BUT WOULD LOOK SO AWESOME. I would be happy to help if you like - I'm not bad with a brush! lol Oh just remembered - you can get teeth veneers like that too, can't remember what site off hand but I can find it for you if you want hi there thanks for the advice still not sure what im going to do tho got a bit of time to still think i loved coming as lorne last time it was good fun
  12. we have got chris now so can we get chloe to please showmasters
  13. yay need him to complete my better then life convetion canvas see asked for chloe in another topic plus chris to and we have got him great please can you try and get chole and craigh to complete them all there please
  14. I still want to go with the adam idea but there is alot of work in it and not sure if it will be easy to do
  15. I was there (didn't get my face painted though :-) He was very nice. Did you get a goody bag? i did yes got a bag for doing the face painting very nice the bags are
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