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  1. Fingers crossed for a TNG 30 con. But no issue with cast being at LFCC for the anniversary rather than a separate events.
  2. The official Star Trek Facebook and Instagram has lots. :)
  3. She fantastic. And delaying the free talk a few minutes to get more people in to sit on the floor. What a wonderful lady.
  4. Marina has always been my favourite and made the weekend for me. The Marina/Gates/Wil panel was the weekend highlight for me. Then great to have her in a free panel afterwards. She is incredible, please always invite her to events. And got my favourite Marina photo to date. Such a fun on stage presence, so funny. And so kind and caring with fans.
  5. Always wanted to meet Patti Yasutake, hope she gets invited. Loved the progression of Nurse Ogawa. Also suggest: Gates McFadden Whoopi Goldberg Michelle For es Diana Muldaur
  6. Clare made my day. So lovely and friendly. Big hug in the photoshoot, chatty, laughing, saying how much fun she was having. Hope to see her again!
  7. Marina Sirtis Kate Mulgrew Gates McFadden Always wanted to meet Patti Yasutake, has she done a uk event before? Would love to meet her.
  8. Has this been simplified? Can you miss the validation charge? I ask as someone is ordering for me.
  9. Yes! First announcement to get me excited. And absolutely ask Marina Sirtis to join. Pretty please! Imzadi talk and photoshoot would be heaven.
  10. Have these new mentioned yet or not announced yet? Thanks!
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