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  1. It has been ages since I visited these forums but I am absolutely devastated that I do not have the money to get there and meet Cary-he is an awesome guest and I must congratulate Showmasters for getting him, I just hope he will be able to attend an event in the future (so that I can meet him!). To everyone who gets to meet him, please report back on the forums what he is like as I am sooooo jealous of you all! Enjoy-I think I'll go and watch The Princess Bride again now! xxx
  2. merlin

    Grissom's question

    I've gotta agree with whoever it was that said 'stupidity', as that was pretty much my reaction when Grissom said it!
  3. I wholeheartedly agree with all the above-Seth Green would be ace, please get him to do CMex 2
  4. It would be great to see some Supernatural guests, particularly the boys themselves. Jensen and Jared for CMex 2!
  5. Cool-my friend Zara would probably sell her family so she could go and meet Orlando! Guess she should write the ebay ads for them then because if anyone can get the mighty Bloom to do a signing event, Showmasters can! How about it then? (I promise to do all in my power to prevent my friend selling her relatives!) I almost forgot-I came in here to request guests for me!! Sean Patrick Flanery-I have to confess, I smirked in an evil manner when I discovered he was not doing LFCC this year (only because I could not attend and would dearly love to meet him!) In fact, a whole Indiana Jones reunion type event would be good. The folk from the films and the TV series, and how about trying to get Steven Spielberg and George Lucas? Now they'd be brilliant guests!! I know he's nothing to do with Indiana Jones, but Johnny Depp would make an intersting change from the regular type of guest at these events! Thanks for listening!!
  6. My favourite Bond character as a kid was always Jaws-he was such a cool bad guy!! The first collectormana event I attended, I met Richard Kiel and he was sooo sweet- like the real life BFG! I would definitely love to meet him again, along with: Sean Connery Roger Moore Timothy Dalton Christopher Lee Christopher Walken Robert Carlyle
  7. Chris would be great-I'd love to meet him. Scent of A Woman is one of my favourites, along with School Ties and I watched the two episodes of his sitcom that were aired before the network cancelled it-I'm a bit of a fan!! The 'get Chris O'Donnell' campaign gets my vote!
  8. Sir Ian McKellen Christopher Lee Peter Jackson Liv Tyler and to ensure a good time is had by all-the four main hobbits should be there, particularly Sean as he is really entertaining and works a crowd like he's having the time of his life.
  9. I love this show! Please please please get Rob Lowe Martin Sheen would be great, also: Bradley Whitford Dule Hill Stockard Channing Alan Alda Jimmy Smits and did I mention Rob Lowe?
  10. Great guest. Thank you Showmasters-I'll definitely be there!
  11. I can't believe I'm the only one who watched this fantastic but strange series in the late 90s. It would be great if Showmasters could get some guests from this show, guests like: Gary Cole Lucas Black Jake Weber Paige Turco C'mon folks, let me know I'm not alone in appreciating this programme.
  12. + Hermione - Draco Snape - 15 Fred - 24 Lupin - 10 Sirius - 1 Harry - 14 Arthur - 8 McGonagall - 6 Hermione - 14 Ron - 8 Draco -20 Neville - 25 Lucius - 8 George - 15 Dumbledore - 9 Booted Off Cedric James Voldemort Ginny
  13. Hey, Fall Out Boy fans-is Pete the same Pete who has a thing with Peyton in One Tree Hill? Fav videos: Michael Jackson:Thriller A-Ha:Take On Me Backstreet Boys:Everybody Aerosmith:Cryin', Crazy, Livin' on the Edge
  14. + Dumbledore - Fred Snape - 15 Fred - 23 Lupin - 9 Sirius - 1 Harry - 14 Arthur - 8 McGonagall - 6 Hermione - 13 Ron - 9 Draco - 20 Neville - 24 Lucius - 9 George - 16 Dumbledore - 11 Booted Off Cedric James Voldemort Ginny
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