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    Has anyone seen the ads for the finale on tuesday! Looking good! :)
  2. trueliza


    Haha, tuesdays made me laugh, I do love Griss/Sara, but Grissoms tone of voice as he said the last line, lol! I do love it though. :)
  3. Sadly i havent read anything CSI for awhile, but i did see the CSI Ultimate Guide in my local library the other day, i thought it was quite odd, since they aren't the most up to date library!
  4. Oooh to do a photo shoot as a dead body would rock!
  5. trueliza

    CSI overkill?

    Used to love Miami and hate Vegas, I now hate Miami love love Vegas and NY is alright, due to the fact that Danny is hot!
  6. trueliza

    Roll Call

    I'm here, altho am guilty of being a lurker, come out of hiding every now and then.
  7. trueliza


    I'm loving this season so far, after season 6 which apart from a few episodes did indeed suck. The cases are good, and i like how we get to see a more personal side to the characters this season. Am also loving the subtle Sara/Grissom moments going on.( i know in the minority here) I awwed when Griss called Sara 'Dear' in this last ep. Aww!
  8. So interested in this, and i know alot of people I've 'converted' who would love it too. Anyway to help, I'm in. Aswell as cast members perhaps behind the scene people too, writers, designers, directors etc.
  9. Ditto. Mondays are now sacred!lol
  10. trueliza

    CSI Merchandise

    Tell us all about it when you get it.
  11. Love to see any of the CSI LV or NY cast please.
  12. I love it when you meet people who like your fave shows aswell, kinda makes your day, cos most people i know, dont really watch it. Gives you the feeling youre not really a geek!
  13. trueliza

    CSI Merchandise

    Investigating CSI Found another book which looks interesting.
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