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  1. Recognising some people here from FB and Twitter. The Feldman massive!
  2. Already asked fof him for LFACC so asking for him for CM too! COREY FELDMAN!!!!
  3. COOOOORRRRREEEYYYYYY!!!!!!! I NEED him!!!! Never got a pic with him or his autograph when I met him! I love him and obsess over him faaaar too much haha!!!!!!
  4. Ha Lady very kind of you, what you selling? I missed Corey last year did you meet him? Lol! I met him a few years ago, couldn't get there last year, was very sad!! I'm a huge fan of his!! (Just added you on Twitter also. :))
  5. If this happened I would literally wet myself with excitemant!
  6. Colleen, no way do you look nearly 30! It's been so long since I visited this forum! So many new people!
  7. You guys have to get him back! I missed him last time and when I met him I never got a pic or autograph. So just for for me please.
  8. PLEASE! Guests from The Neverending Story, Goonies, Gremlins etc! :)
  9. Marc Singer! And other cast members of the original V!
  10. From films such as Fright Night, The Lost Boys, The Goonies etc. Especially Corey Feldman again!!!
  11. I wish SM would get some SH guests for us!! Most importantly Laurie Holden!! I'd probably donate my liver to be able to meet her!
  12. LOL! I unfortunatly don't not known to the official reason but i think it may have something to do with available space. Don't quote me on that though. Even though there are hardly any guests?!
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