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  1. Seconded. I've been supporting ME for over a decade, and this is my first experience of things going this wrong, but I'm really going to have to think before booking another which is a great shame as I've always loved their cons. I got a mail from Yvie which suggested that things were finally moving, and my cheque arrived this morning, along with a letter. Thanks Yvie and QS, for chasing on our behalf, and Chantelle. Jay
  2. It's not just you - nothing here, either.
  3. Just got my email back (grr @ yahoo) so I've just mailed. Lost the receipt which is slightly embarrassing.
  4. Quick question before I mail - my current bank card expires at the end of the month, so will you need the old one or the new one?
  5. They will get hold of you confirming the refund method. Thanks.
  6. Just curious...how would the refund work for those of us who paid cash? Same as with a card?
  7. Autograph for me, no question. I don't even consider photoshoots. (I hate having my photo taken unless I'm cosplaying at an event party (cos then it's not me) and it's the end of the night (cos, beer) but I'm really unphotogenic anyway, so no.)
  8. Try this... http://showmastersonline.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=85742
  9. Real Name Jay Age/Location 46 by next October / near Manchester What ticket have you got/are getting? Standard Most wanted guest for Hallowhedon 7? Anyone really. I'd love to see Alexis again and ask the question I was too shy to ask last time Other Hallowhedons attended All of them Hotel at which you'll be staying Definitely the Rad! Facebook/Twitter etc. Favourite movie? BladeRunner Favourite other TV show(s)? Being Human, Sherlock, Doctor Who. I love Only Connect as well. Favourite music? Pretty much anything except metal (sorry Rhys!) Anything else we need to know? I don't photograph well (or at all) - the sound as the lens cracks is so sad... Photo? Unlikely.
  10. Excitement levels rising (still at work grr) from 'wait, what?' to 'well, this is just ...neat' to 'Oh, there's woo AND hoo!' later when I get home and pack. See you all tomorrow
  11. Mine was waiting for me when I got back from work yesterday Thanks Yvie!
  12. I don't remember which of these was first, but: Servalan and Debbie Harry.
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