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  1. Should learn to read really (or check the back of this year's programme of course) All booked now ....
  2. Silly question - what are the dates for next year ?
  3. http://www.wessexfm.com/news/dorset-news/4...as-gone-before/
  4. John Chapman - one of the nicest guests I've met. Started telling me how they ditched a load of SW props / kit during filming !!!!
  5. Still not listed on the main site - nearly missed her. More small characters please (no pun intended)
  6. Don't worry - I'm a Bournemouth season ticket holder ( fingers crossed for next year )
  7. Met him at Empire Day a few years back - one of the nicest guys around (any chance for LFCC ??? )
  8. Hope the second print is available on the day - awesome
  9. best series for ages ........... anyone agree?
  10. Hi - wonder if you would mind completing this (very) short online questionnaire to help with some work I am doing. No confidential information is requested - just some thoughts on holidays etc... Thanks - apologies in advance if this breaches any rules. Greedo_uk http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/JG9LZJJ
  11. Would like to see Carrie Fisher announced - gutted I didn't meet her when I had the chance - although she wouldnt of course be a first timer ....... James Earl Jones ?
  12. Hi - I have standard tickets. If we arrive early can we upgrade them to early birds? Ta - counting the hours !
  13. Has it been posted which days Marolyn Turk is going - couldnt see it on other thread. Thanks
  14. I tend to agree with the off-island view, it is much more interesting. IMO adding in ANOTHER group of island inhabitants seems to just confuse things even more, although I am sure it will all become clear. Glad this is the last series - I am beginnig to lose patience a bit.
  15. I met Chris at Empire Day a couple ( ? ) years ago - one of the nicest guests I have met. Great addition.
  16. I thought it was excellent - something really different Even my wife did and she hated BSG
  17. I have just finished the Legacy series of SW books and am looking for suggestions for any other good ones. In the past i've read the Thrawn, Jedi Academy series and a few of the one offs. All suggestions welcome
  18. Darth Maul , Plo Koon If we are talking the novels - Mara Jade no contest
  19. Talking of bad guys could you get Ray Park as I would like to get a new pic (and GI Joe was a great film - prepares for 'feedback') Incidently I met AD and he was a really nice bloke - perhaps got him on a good day.
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