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  1. Jason, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, you are going to pull some MASSIVE guests out of the bag just in time for this event! Whether they be sci-fi, sports, or wrestling guests, I know you will do everyone proud. I look forward to crewing this event for you, as I have MK and LFCC this year! Nats x
  2. There are a few issues with the whole queuing system that I found utterly baffling to be honest with you. My friends and I all purchased pre-paid tickets for Early Entry Saturday, apart from one of us. We joined the back of the early entry queue at around 8.15am (yes I know, late!) and we were snaked all the way round the back of Earls Court. The one person who had to pay on the day for her early entry obviously joined the pay on the day queue. At 9am when the doors opened we all began to move at the same rate. Now, what annoys me, is that people who paid on the day to get in were getting into the building BEFORE those of us who had pre-paid. As far as I am concerned this makes a mockery of the pre-paid system. Surely those of us who have paid extra to get into the building first, in advance, should actually GET INTO THE BUILDING FIRST?!?! I understand that some people don't want to, or in some cases, can't buy advance tickets, but I feel that should they turn up on the day for early bird tickets they should then join the back of the queue of those of us that have paid in advance. My friend who joined the pay on the day queue actually got into the building before those of us that had already got our tickets weeks before. Also, I agree with people commenting about folks pushing into queues and I agree that it shouldn't happen. Someone's comment about someone pushing infront of a wheelchair user peed me off no end, but on the flip side, I was in a VERY long queue for Jessie Cave's auto on the Friday Preview night, and as we managed to get reasonably close to the front of the queue, a gentleman in a wheelchair rolled OVER MY FOOT and PUSHED IN!! Now what the heck would you have done in that instance?!?!
  3. Well HI THERE! Didn't know you had joined the boards Mrs Til! N x
  4. Did anyone else get their picture taken by these guys? They were AWESOME! I don't have a mantelpiecefull of their work at all. Honest.
  5. I have nothing but good things to say about Corey this weekend. Saw him on the Friday night at the preview, and got my Lost Boys DVD signed, I was only the 4th person in the queue Friday night, and all 3 people in front of me had a photo with him at the table, but when I asked he said, "I'm so sorry, but I'm not allowed to" He was very apologetic about it I must say, better than some guests at previous events who have just flat out said no. The lady 2 people in front of me had mentioned she had tweeted him and she got a hug, so rather cheekily I said "So does everyone who tweets you get a hug?" He gave me a massive grin, asked who I was on Twitter, then stood up and gave me a massive hug! My internal squee-ometer went off the chart! I had my photoshoot with him on the Sunday, and when I asked for a hug, I got another massive cuddle! I met very few guests this weekend, but Corey was outstanding!
  6. Okay... So I had always been too nervous to ask for a hug, but at last years EMS I just HAD to ask Cary Elwes if I could have a cuddle. I actually think I said "Can I be cheeky and have a cuddle please?" Cary had no problems and after that I was away! I hugged pretty much every guest! There were a couple of exceptions, one being Mercedes McNab, but she was very ill and we had been pre-warned she wouldn't be touching people. This year at LFCC I only had 3 shoots, Corey Feldman (Sunday), Mark Sheppard (Sunday) and Camille Coduri (Saturday) I had a double shoot with Camille with a friend and she was arms round our waists, Mark said I could hug him but he didn't really hug back but Corey? WOWZERS! I was the first, maybe second person behind the Gold Pass guys, and I went in all shy (for me) and very quietly asked - "Can I please have a hug?" To which he went, "Yeah! Come on!" and MAJORLY squished me!!! I don't think I have had a better squish, except for maybe Paul McGann (Who gives LEGENDARY squishes!) The only thing that would have made my Corey shoot better was if he had taken off his glasses, but as I understand it, it was his birthday weekend, so I totally get why he still had them on!! If in doubt as to whether a guest will hug you, just ask, but always be polite. I have never had a guest I asked say no to a hug. Maybe I just got lucky?
  7. Yeah I'm in! I will (hopefully) be Rose Tyler (Empty Child/Doctor Dances) on the Saturday, and Donna Noble (Fires in Pompeii) on the Sunday! Be good to see everyone again, seems like MK was YEARS ago!! Nats x
  8. LFCC may be difficult, seeing as there is really only the large space in the middle that we could use... I like the MK shoots as the stairs are a good place to organise everyone. But that doesn't mean I'm not up for doing it! It was fantastic to see so many people of all ages who put in the time and effort with their costumes. I have LOADS of the pics on my Facebook, so if you want to add me, I'm Natalie Vanstone, and my profile pic is currently me as Donna with my friend as Ten!
  9. What did I buy? One word.... LOTS! EEEEEP! There is one dealer who seems to be at every con and the damn stall is like my Kryptonite. Too many pretty cheap things with David Tennant on them, it makes my head go kaplooey.
  10. I think it's either Star Warriors OR MK Garrison.... I will discover to find out a definite answer for you as soon as I can!
  11. Hey all, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who came along to the MASSIVE Doctor Who Cosplay photo shoot on the Sunday, and also thanks to everyone who took photo's. At one point when we did the 'everyone in' group photo's I felt as if I was standing in front of a wall of photographers! We started off by the Weeping Angel at Gate 4 and then proceeded to take over the lobby and stairs in the DoubleTree Hotel. God bless the hotel staff, they must have thought they were being invading by mad people - and the TARDIS. When I put the word out that I wanted to get as many cosplayers together as possible for a few photo's I had NO IDEA that so many brilliant people would turn up! There must be a good hundred pictures floating about of various stages of the shoot, and if you were involved and want to be tagged (Probably about 50 odd times... ) please let me know who you are, and who you cosplayed! Also, a description of your costume would be awesome, after all, we had about 8 'Ten's' and at least 6 'Eleven's' LOL! Luckily for me, I was the only Donna Noble!
  12. My Alex Kingston autograph was un-personalised but to be honest with you that doesn't matter to me one bit. My friend and I went to get our autographs together, and he had 3 to get signed, I only had the one (He seems to have unlimited funds at con's, lucky beggar) so we had a few minutes to talk to her. As she was signing, I told her that we had to apologise to her for keeping her from her taxi on the Saturday of last week when we saw her outside the Wyndham Theatre in London. She looked up at us and said "Oh that was YOU!!" with a MASSIVE smile on her face. I told her I was worried she was going to spot us and ask us for X amount of pounds for the cab and she laughed and said to me "That's why you're wearing the wig!" (I was dressed as Donna Noble at the time) She also commented on the beautiful hand drawn picture that we asked her to sign, was very complimentary about our cosplay outfits and seemed generally happy to meet us... All in all, pretty much my guest of the weekend.
  13. Okay, first the Karen Gillan bombshell for LFCC, then Alex Kingston, NOW THIS?!?!?! My tiny Whovian brain has just melted into a geeky puddle at my feet. THANK YOU SHOWMASTERS!!!!!
  14. It's official. I'm in love with Showmasters. You guys are AWESOME!!!
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