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  1. I have both of those ROH matches, they are pretty quality.
  2. Edge wins the Rumble and starts us off down the road the Wrestlemania, which belt do you think he'll go for? And all your other mania predictions, Money in the Bank, Title Matches, Fueds, Hart/McMahon, Taker/Michaels, Jericho/Edge. How do you think these will all play out?
  3. I agree, it's usually the best for me because the hassle of booking and finding my way round London isn't there. Now we have to travel many miles for all of them D= And the cost of that is also tough.
  4. The series is building well, I'm really loving it, so glad they didn't drop after last seasons amazingness. Looking forward to tonight!
  5. TNA is deffinately rarer which makes it more exciting but the house shows are usually pretty amazing anyway, I've been to everyone in Coventry, the closest to me and they've all been great.
  6. On the TNA tour Doug Williams also won the X Division title, I believe this will be on Impact but Rob Terry's title win will not, maybe he might not even make it to the end of the tour but if he does, he'll be in for a face turn or at least a break away.
  7. I'm not so bothered by Kendrick's appearance, I think that he's a great worker and there is plenty of room for X division guys if it weren't for these old nobodies taking up so many spots. It also could mean that a few guys that are tag specilties like the MCMG could stop focusing on X title matches and stick to tag matches. As for the rest of the aquisitions everyone has already said it *sigh*
  8. What a hero, he thoroughly deserves it!
  9. I agree that matches are usually the things that grab you not one particular fed. But anyone here prefer the Indy or the Japanese stuff to WWE or TNA?
  10. I was very impressed, they haven't really missed a beat, I was wondering if they might be running thin on ideas have giving us so much in the first season but they were really on top form. I too was surprised by George but it made a good change. Those two bad vampires were incredible, really added something to the story for basically throw away chareceters.
  11. Personally, I'm a huge Ring of Honor fan, maybe not the most recent stuff, but generally I'd give them by fav promotion. They always put on great matches and keep me on my toes. They were plenty more reasons but lets see what you guys have got.
  12. Some true classics there that me and my friends are always throwing about, nice list, cheers!
  13. I'm not going to comment on the main storyline, it had some good bits and some really annoying bits but thats how it goes, I'm instead going on concentrate on being positive this new year and comment on the final bit. It was a little treat for Who fans to see these cameos, especially Jessica Hynes made me happy. It was a wonderful way to go. And really thats what the episode was for.
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