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  1. No problems as long as posts are polite, which you have been, and I understand your questions totally and would be asking the same if the situation were reversed. Questions are allowed here and everyone will always try and help as much as they can. I just wanted to let you know that unfortunately whilst we can suggest and speculate ultimately it comes down to something I think you would need to talk to the people in the office about directly simply because they are the only ones who will be able to officially comment on the situation.
  2. Unfortunately the only paid talk was Clark and he's cancelled. I think this is something you would have to take up with the people in the office after the event, or perhaps see if there's anyone senior you can speak to at the event. The moderators on here are volunteers and won't be able to help you with this themselves.
  3. There's an announcement about it But thank you anyway, in case anyone hadn't seen it.
  4. Hopefully it will be made clear at some point as yeah, I have batch 1 for him and batch 1's are back in the shop so it could mean the lines are a bit big otherwise. I'd have thought they would have started Summer batches from where Spring ended.
  5. So I'm booked for Saturday now Clark Gregg
  6. We will have a party and eat caramac cupcakes in secret.
  7. Oh well, I won't be attending LCC now, so I hope everyone still going has a wonderful time.
  8. As I have a Diamond for Clark for Spring I understand I don't have to do anything and it'll transfer over so shall I just wait and the ticket should be updated on Eventbrite with summer details or will we use the one with the Spring details and it'll still be valid?
  9. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Oh well, it happens. At least he's coming to Summer and it gives me a reason to go, and if the ticket transfers over at least I don't have to do anything.
  10. Doubt they will be there today, they will set up tomorrow.
  11. Yes, weekend ticket holders will get a wristband but I imagine they will just do it on the door. If it's the same as last time they did actually load us into a hall so we queued inside for a bit, so if it's the same set up they will probably scan tickets and issue entry bands as you go in there.
  12. Weekend ticket will just be on the door, same as day entry.
  13. I hate to ask but is there any info on DP collection in that case.
  14. Sorry I mistyped my reply, if it was a DP for Robbie and it says Aaron in the boxes at the top he will need to contact the shop to get it resolved
  15. It's fine to take your own stuff, just no glass bottles.
  16. There was a floor plan last year So, whether the entrance is West or National hopefully it'll be fairly obvious anyway, there is another event there this time but it's in Central which is either the LFCC auto area or the floor above it.
  17. Confusingly the Olympia website says the entrance is the National hall.
  18. I couldn't remember if we did or not. The FAQ on the website says we are queuing in the West hall as per Summer which is different to last Spring when we were outside and went in via the entrance on the main road.
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