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  1. Would love to see him too, if not here, at one of the other events.
  2. Everyone remember to bring your bandages for Siler!
  3. I got myself all in a tizzy and got the days mixed up - I was convinced it was on next weekend! Silly me.
  4. I'd love to see Viggo just to talk to him about Hidalgo ....sigh.....
  5. From Waterloo? Probably to get onto the Bakerloo line at Waterloo and either go straight through to Webley Central and walk about 20 mins to the conference center or get off the Bakerloo line at Marylebone and get the overground to Wembley Stadium. I don't know which would be the easier option as I don't know how much of a time difference there would be between either method.
  6. I don't know the area but i don't imagine you will be able to walk from Neasdon - when you get to the outer parts of the tube lines the stations are further apart. Also having asked some friends who vaguely know the area I have been told it would probably not be the best idea to walk through Neasden as it is not the best area. (Appols to anyone who lives there) Please correct me if I am wrong though!
  7. Ok further update Jubilee Line - no service in either direction between Neasden and Stanmore. Wembley Park is one station on from Neasden so it may not be too hard to get off there and get a bus upto Wembley. Metropolitan Line - No service between Harrow on the Hill and Aldgate (which is almost the entire line) so don't bother with that one. I would take the Bakerloo line or the overground. You must be able to use the overground station as it is one of the travel reccommendations on the LFCC travel section. They wouldn't put it on there if you couldn't use it!!! Hope this he
  8. Yeah that was the black and white head shot I meant. I think they are lovely pictures. Skyrider, it is a studio art print from Atlantis I have. There was a dealer selling them at C6. She said she was the only one over here licenced to sell them.
  9. Grrrrrrrr - London Underground staff drive me mad! Just managed to call again to check and got a different staff member from last time who told me they don't have any info on engineering works for november yet. Grrrr. I will keep checking and keep you updated.
  10. I managed to get a limited ed. studio art poster that I want to get signed. Bit peeved that there are no posters on sale yet even if it is a fairly new show.
  11. What does everyone intend on getting signed seeing as there are no posters ect out yet? Is everyone going to go for a group promo photo or one of those lovely black and white head shot pics done by the dealer? Or something else?
  12. or try the overground trains to Wembly Stadium. And as I said I will check again tomorrow about the jubilee/metropolitan lines.
  13. Every body chant.....Richard Dean Anderson Richard Dean Anderson Richard Dean Anderson Richard Dean Anderson Richard Dean Anderson.......you get the idea. (we live in hope)
  14. I was concerned about that as well so I called the London Underground info line and asked about the dates in question. I was told that the lines were suspended in both directions that weekend, but I don't know if that is both the jubilee and the metropolitan or just one of them. I will try to call back tomorrow and double check.
  15. I agree with Noddy. Whilst I have seen this system work at another very recent event, I don't think it would work here - even if you said pre bookers wait in the foyer and on the day queue outside. From what I remember there wasn't enough room inside either to be able to form an ordely (and fair) queue.
  16. having investigated further the best options seem to be via the overground from Marlybone to Wembly Stadium or on the bakerloo line to Wembly Central
  17. I'd love to meet William Peterson - he's so cute!
  18. Wembley Park Station: Southbound Jubilee Line trains and certain Metropolitan Line services will not serve the station until February due to rebuilding work. This is taken from the Tube website - but I assume as it says Southbound you will be ok if travelling up from central London in the morning. It will be going home that may cause a problem.
  19. I think that system has merit though. When you have people going to the event to see specific groups of guests (like the Atlantis crew, Aliens, and Blake 7 and Red Dwarf last year). Would SM consider a system of giving out one ticket to see the whole group. That way you would only have to que for one ticket. The payment system could remain the same, once your ticket is called you pay for those of the group you want to see and don't go to those you don't. I think this could save a lot of possible dissapointment. If you get a ticket you know you will be able to see all of the group, wh
  20. You will pay separatly - one charge for one guest (most likely)
  21. Raylenth

    Chris Judge

    Don't know what arrangement could have been made even if both parties were willing. I can't see any way he could have accommodated both events. One day at each would not have worked given the number of people at both (just my opinion) Anyway, I've met Chris once before and he is a lovely funny man and I look forward to seeing him again. I will actually be attending both events that weekend so I will be rushed off my feet!
  22. I usually get 2 sigs, one on my poster and a dedicated promotional photo that they sell on the tables, so it's not a terrible loss, just a disapointment, if they won't personalise.
  23. I understand why they don't dedicate sometimes with the more popular guests, but to have the star insisting on putting your name/dedication on your own personal item is frustrating. Like many of us I have a big poster that I get signed but the actors involved and I have no intention of selling it on. When it is complete it will be a show piece. Therefore if one of the actors was to insist on personallising it I would ask for my money back. It would be ruined if they wrote my name on it!
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