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  1. Look at him standing there, cold, in a chilly huge room, he clearly needs a jumper
  2. I think unfortunately option number 3 is the best route. As much as it's fun playing with you as everyone else has buggered off it seems a bit pointless at the moment.
  3. And yes, silver lining and all that I guess.
  4. This is going to be such a let down now and it's dragged on so long I've probably gone wrong at some point, but
  5. Nice. I noticed they had one of him in this weeks Who sale but yeah, I thought he was a rare one.
  6. You can say from me, why didn't they go and kidnap him for me? And ask about series 4 of Hannibal at the same time. I am very disappointed by their lack of effort even though they didn't know they needed to do all or that or even would have been able to. Those are mere trivialities.
  7. Yeah there's a photo of him circulating and he had a Carlsberg pin on his jacket so we assumed it was a new advert. Cool that your friend saw it though, it's always interesting to see something being filmed.
  8. https://celebrityinkautographs.co.uk/ Showmasters have recced them in the past
  9. "It signs the 8x10 or it get's the hose again"
  10. Posting the link here for R4 as I think she will like my latest acquisition
  11. Bond fans https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/George-Lazenby-Autographed-Large-Funko-Pop-Aston-Martin-DB5-James-Bond-007/143643864044?hash=item2171d76bec:g:BIAAAOSw7i5e699Q
  12. That's a lot of organisation for the GOT ones, but as there's a lot of cast I can see it's doable.
  13. What's stopping you? Amazon it all and it's done.
  14. So based off a conversation with a friend I was wondering how everyone arranges their 8x10's. Do you store them in chronological order as you get them, or by person/show? Mine are chronological which translates as by show as my interests change over time but I am contemplating giving each show/film their own folder and one for general
  15. Yeah good luck Starbuck, sorry you won't be able to attend but if there's ever a good reason not to go, this is it!
  16. Eh, it'll have to stay pathetic in that case
  17. Sadly the glow in the dark aspect is totally disappointing.
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