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  1. Or this is the chapter in the dystopian future where the other forum members have been picked off already in a totally non plagiaristic battle royale and only the stronger ones have remained.
  2. I think if they ever managed to get Nathan back again the event would be mental (Which is no different from normal really)
  3. Last of the surviving Pythons obtained, Terry Gilliam
  4. With the amount of stuff in the post/courier network at the moment, I'd say you are probably lucky it was only a week later
  5. I think your pants are on fire.
  6. 6 Underground. A Michael Bay film, it's boring and unengaging. The first 15 minutes of the film is basically a giant advert as brand names are splashed across the screen, the rest of the film, whilst being pretty in places as they use a variety of lovely locations, has nothing much positive going for it. The characters are boring, Ryan Reynolds is basically playing a less sweary uncostumed Deadpool, and I can't bring myself to care if any of them succeed or die. I watched an hour before I gave myself permission to stop, but at least I gave it a good go.
  7. Raised By Wolves. It's an interesting series and it's by Ridley Scott. There's a lot going on with back stories and mysteries being revealed as the series progress - it's one of those where you need answers to lots of things and wait ages for it, and finally get one thing answered just to have loads of new questions open up. By the end of series 1, it definitely had Alien feels to it which isn't a surprise really given that it's about androids and human's trying to colonise a semi hostile new planet. Ultimately it's an interesting series, and I definitely wanted to watch each episode to fi
  8. The Shining. It's been a long time since I've seen it but I wanted to rewatch it ahead of Doctor Sleep just to refresh myself. What is there to say about it really when it's such a classic. It's a good film, for the fact that not a lot actually happens Doctor Sleep. I enjoyed it. I know opinions on it were mixed but I thought it was fine. It didn't delve into much to do with what happened at the Overlook and glossed over most of it, which was a bit disappointing, but it had to spend the time on it's own storyline so I get that. I don't usually enjoy franchises where the back stories
  9. There's pretty much no mods on here any more so it's unlikely to be seen. You are better off DMing them on facebook I'd say, or is it something you can post here and we might be able to help with?
  10. I've always said, most of the time it's fine, but when it goes wrong they are terrible. And yes I agree, for any organiser I'd think hard before sending a multi signed off.
  11. Probably not I'm afraid as no mods are around any more. Honestly, I think the shop and website just haven't been updated full stop maybe. Apart from Robert, no other guests have actually been officially reconfirmed for the new dates but loads of photo's are still in the shop.
  12. This might interest a few people, it's mainly smaller Bond people https://www.autographica.co.uk/?fbclid=IwAR2m7adr-vqz8-qFGTIWFjkzZ4y-EPYFc6Hk1jaR3xZI-rA4ECg8s6lwNPw
  13. Yeah they are completely separate companies
  14. As there's very rarely any Showmasters staff around now you will just have to keep an eye out for an announcement that the shop is live, or probably the best option is to just keep checking the shop to see when pre orders for Summer go live.
  15. Kind of, lots of dancing and drinking was being had
  16. What happened to their foreheads?
  17. Yeah, as Dalek said if you are looking to book shoots with lots of different guests, don't just book dozens and hope it will be OK. Staff will help you out as much as they can if you have a bad clash and planning is key, but there is a limit to what you can get done in a day.
  18. That's an interesting one - they haven't replied as far as I have seen by the way, but I'd say the terms dictate what will happen. Entry tickets are one thing, by postponing the event instead of cancelling they can do the voucher thing, but the terms for guest related sales are a bit more specific. If the guest can't attend the new dates then they will have to be confirmed as cancelled I guess, and the DP and presumably also the photo tickets say: The Small Print:We reserve the right to refuse entry into any area of our show. If for any reason we have to cancel a photo shoot due to guest ca
  19. Druk/Another Round An excellent film that tests the premise: What if you went about your day slightly drunk? Would you be a better you, more relaxed and open? 4 ordinary teachers with humdrum everyday lives set out to test this idea. It's a good film and I enjoyed it, it's not preachy, it doesn't hit you over the head with a moral about drinking but it doesn't shy away from the fact that everything isn't rosy in the end for everyone. It does end on a hopeful note and the final scene is wonderful to watch.
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