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  1. The excitement got to me and I had to go and have a lie down.
  2. I cleaned half my oven. Woo
  3. Lol, the post about it is literally above your post
  4. It was only posted after you had so not an issue
  5. It's not being postponed. See Blammo's post in the other thread
  6. I'm hoping to get motivated to do some as well. I don't really have many plants to tend as I didn't really get around to buying much to plant for spring/summer other than a new lavender which went in yesterday and now it's too late! I will have bits of weeding and tidying to do though.
  7. Group hug Queen. I'm so sorry to hear this. Thank you for taking care of the place and us all, you and Stuart are brilliant people. We will definitely meet up at the next event we are at for an actual big hug.
  8. Yeah, they will probably be desperate for something to keep the kids quiet but personally I'd give them a good clip around the ear and a jigsaw. Far cheaper
  9. Well, TV rather than film. I recorded Gold Digger earlier in the year and just started to watch it. I only did it because it has Ben Barnes in, but within 5 minutes I couldn't be bothered and deleted it all.
  10. No, but feel free to rant about it in the other thread
  11. Avenue 5. I'd describe it like an upscale Red Dwarf. It's an amusing series about a load of mostly incompetent people stuck on a cruise spaceship after an accident renders them 3 years from getting back from Earth. I'll definitely be looking forward to the next series when it comes out
  12. The Wolf Of Wall Street. Wow, what can I say. It's a long but enjoyable film though . A nice cast list with some surprising faces.
  13. I do appreciate many companies can't do working from home by the very nature of the work but if they can and have the resources it's pretty sucky. We can only hope that with the amount of people who are at home it gives a bit of extra protection. Waitrose is now every day for the first hour and I agree with the Tesco thing, it's good but it could be better.
  14. Yeah I just saw a tweet from Tesco saying the OAP/vulnerable only has been extended to Mon, Wed and Fri from 9-10 which is really good. It's not in any Express stores but that will be a real big help as it gives them more safety than all having to try and get in during the one hour only.
  15. Yes. Totally necessary.
  16. The other one is just for films you've watched full stop and thoughts on it, whatever year its from.
  17. That's not good, are you OK for other food though?
  18. Assassins Creed. Now I've not played the games at all so think I'm unbiased as I have no knowledge of the franchise at all. On the whole it was OK, nothing spectacular. A few annoying plot points, and who can say 'Force ghost' eh? If there was an Oscar for mumbling, Fassbender would get it for this film.
  19. Then that's either a very rude or sexist question
  20. OK ready and go. And the answer to Nate's question is No 18 left
  21. I haven't even said go yet! I've been busy so haven't picked anyone yet.
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