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  1. Sometimes stuff gets jiggled around when the schedule is reshuffled.
  2. 'It rubs the suntan lotion on its skin'
  3. They will be issued fairly quickly but it's down to the banks how long it takes and it's usually a few days, I'd not expect you to have it back before the event.
  4. Thank you for making it enlargeable, it was really tough on the eyes before.
  5. Just tell him to check it, as long as it says it's a DP for Aaron and they date/price is right it should be fine
  6. "Mummy why is my head a funny shape? " "It's all Daddy's fault but he's ashamed so never mention it to him"
  7. Reading comments in various other places it might be worth considering from announcements from last years event that it may well be that both guests will be older hollywood rather than current.
  8. There's nowhere really for this to go.
  9. The usual response is that if a guest can do other events they will be announced for them during the initial announcement. It of course doesn't mean they won't still announce him for summer, it's always possible, but they will also be trying for a good variety of guests between the shows
  10. I forgot it was Wednesday, yes Happy Birthday Viking, I hope you received many Funkos and lots of other lovely stuff.
  11. Yeah, I don't think it'll happen either
  12. Yes, green screens have set sessions. I'm not sure if the non guest AOS green screen will be different each day I'm afraid, it may well be set up to reflect the different Clark shoot each day, though I'm not sure a Tahiti background without Clark would make much sense so it may be the Saturday set up which in the shop it says the Saturday one with Clark is with the AOS logo.
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