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  1. Keep Looking on here and on facebook cause sometimes they get the code before it goes on the main site
  2. At the last con the photos were printed at the time they were taken so you got them straight away. I think thats what they are thinking of doing for all cons so you might be alright!
  3. nice to see more con noobs turning up. Dont worry we really are a freindly bunch and we dont bite!! Just start talking to poeple and you will make lots of friends. Also if you have any questions ask the stewards. That's what there there for. As for me, my name is Sally and I hope that I will get to say hi at the con!
  4. There is a high chance that I have lost my passport and its my only form of photo ID. What can I do if this is the case?
  5. It depends on how its done. For some of the cons people have been let in by ticket number for each of the guest talks for some of the cons it has been the way you describe it. I have never had any probems though.
  6. I booked today over the phone and i got a booking for a single. I know there are twins and singles left. But a freind of mine had to get a queen size room cause all the doubles had gone. So you may have to adjust the type of room that you want but they are there. Having just read the above they must have got some more released.
  7. I am so stoked by this. I have my mad scientist outfit planned out, (even down to a bolttle of an unkown substance that I will be brining) And the pub quiz was such a hoot last time I only hope that more people will be able to stay on sunday! its great fun!
  8. It is the first Chevron planned to have this many guests. Not the first ME event though. The Hub events quite often had more than 8 guests. Off the top of my head I think 12 was the most. At those events the autographs were extended to include any beyond the six stated as per the website. I will seek clarification for this event. Sorry. I meant to say the first Chevron con to do this. Didn't mean to infer it was the first con that you have ever done with this amount of guests.
  9. Got mine yesterday now just need to get the holiday. Mind you this was the way that it happened for 7.6 and I got it. So crossing fingers and all.
  10. Got my ticket last night hope everything goes through okay.
  11. I spoke to someone at the con and they said that you would still get all the autographs and such for your tickets. This is the first con where they are planning to have so many guests so I don't think that have made this clear yet.
  12. I'm going for silver but I want a low number cause my mates already have them.
  13. Hi, this is Sally Lloyd here. I am going to Chevron 8.0 and am looking for someone to share a room at the con hotel. Would anyone be interested. If you would be interested can you let me know here or email me at flubber2kool@gmail.com
  14. Thank you for yet another amazing con. The queing well and truly took it out on my knees but it was all worth it. Hearing Teryl say "I didn't expect you to be that massive." to the very tall gentleman she found herself standing next to and the laughter that ensued were one of many highlights. As per usual all the staff for the con were wonderful and really helpful and I had a wonderful time. Same to be said of the hotel staff. Even the attended security team (the men in suits) were ver y discreet and from what I saw of then were very polite too. If I have one gripe its was that
  15. It's a real shame that had to be done, especially as Colin Cunningham decided to sign the bit on my con booklet as well as my autograph! LOL But I can see why they felt that it had to be done. It's a real shame that's the reason why though. Why is it that a few really thoughtless people do things that threaten to ruin it for others. I only take what I pay for and wouldn't dream of doing anything else.
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